PSI Pay Has the Solutions for International Businesses


Posted by omeditors | Posted in contactless payments, PSI Pay | Posted on 04-04-2018

Psi Pay gives businesses the power to manage their own programs. Psi Pay was founded in 2007 and has been coming up with solutions for the financial problems that businesses have ever since. They are also the main issuing member of MasterCard International and issues debit cards and prepaid payment cards. They are also licensed to issue PayPass programs and virtual cards. They are a leader in the alternative payment provider market.

Psi Pay is all about empowering companies to do what they need to do such as distribution, general management tasks, sales, and marketing. Their area of expertise lies in reporting, settlement, approvals, and any other activities that are required by the FCA authority. This includes audits, AML mandates, reporting, and compliance.

Psi Pay empowers its, members to deposit and withdraw funds in 44 currencies in 173 countries and in real time. Their management team is comprised of successful and experienced in the internet payment field.

Psi Pay works with many partners including MasterCard, FIS global banking, EMA, and Allpay Card Services. They offer fund safeguarding which means that their partners benefit from unregulated wallet operators and regulated entities requiring funds to be held. This particular model is ideal for partners who do not need to issue prepaid cards or debit cards but who still require FCA support that adheres to regulations.

The company also offers full partner sponsorship that is perfect for partners who are considered to be non-financial partners who prefer to run their own programmes such as prepaid and debit card programmes but without the need for scheme designations or regulatory designations.

PSI Pay offers many services and is licensed by MasterCard International for debit cards, prepaid cards, and contactless programs. They are also licensed from travel prepaid MasterCard cards, reloadable cards, gift and incentive cards, business prepaid cards, virtual programmes, and business prepaid cards.

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