Jeunesse Global Reputable Product Line


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Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global LLC. They produce, distribute, and sell supplements and skin care products. Some of their other products include cosmetics and skin care items. Ray is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the co-founder of the company. Mrs. Lewis is also a co-founder and the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the firm. Jeunesse Global deals with the direct selling and distributing of the company’s products. Their mission is to maintain a youthful appearance and a healthy lifestyle. Supplements provide vitamins and energize the body. The company also offers items that detoxify the body system. A blend of fruits and vegetables help with the maintenance of stem cells. The supplements upsurge the energy from the body as well as build muscles. Also, they reduce the carbohydrate intake in the body.


Energy drinks are also item that are produced by the company. The skincare products cater for a youthful appearance of users. Luminesce is a skin care product that has an anti-aging capabilities that clear fine lines and wrinkles. Ageless micro cream removes under eye-bags within two minutes. Due to their reputable order of business, they have succeeded to become a top mark company. The firm has 32 sub-branches all over the world. It also engages in research projects in areas like adult stem cell science, telomere support, DNA repair, fat loss technology, and nutrigenomics.


Randy Ray studied a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The CEO has over four decades of experience in the tech industry. The firm collaborates with over a thousand distributors across the world. Such proper credit has given them the ability to be a top-notch company. Mrs. Wendy Lewis pursued her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania. She proceeded to Temple University in 1985 where she graduated with a MED in Educational Psychology, Statistics, and Measurement. Jeunesse Global LLC has been in business for quite some time now. It has also engaged in giving back to the society. The company staff participates in charity organizations, fundraisings, financial aid, and other money lending ventures. Jeunesse Global has recently started a campaign to help the needy domestically and internationally.

Lime Crime: Article About This Brand


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Some may say its a crime for you to wear such bold colors on your lips. Some may look in fear and judgment when they spot your glitter neon eye shadow. Some did indeed and that’s why this company was created. To let those with an imaginative eyes for makeup art, know that its OK for them to be themselves in the world.

limeCrime was created by Doe Deere as a way to let women know that’s its perfectly fine, the way you want to express yourself through your makeup. Established in 2008 they took the world of makeup and revolutioned it. No more cliché ‘follow the rules or we’ll look down on you’ trends of makeup. This business is world wide, but for us living in the United States you can find Lime Crime products all over California and New York. Products of Lime Crime can be found online through Amazon and with Bloomibgdale’s. Also through Dermstore, Dolls Kill, and Dotes. Another online store Planet Beauty. Makeup trend that was once frowned upon is accepted universally.

This company is known for setting the kid in you free. This is a company that let’s you know its okay to let the kid in you come out and play, by creating Pocket Candy Pallets. Which playfully comes in Bubble Gum, Sugar Plum and, Pink Lemonade. Kinda reminds you of those ‘I just gotta have’ Polly Pocket we all loved so much as kids. Subscribing with newsletter will ensure you get the latest news on what’s creatively thought of and produced by this electrifying company.

With the best motive for being created, along with having a wide selection of products that were made creatively just for the artist in you, there is no going wrong when choosing to have them meet all your makeup needs.