The Evolution of Digital Media Under Eric Pulier


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Digital Media, Eric Pulier | Posted on 12-11-2016

Born in Teaneck, New Jersey, Eric Pulier embarked on a computer programming venture, with little knowledge that he would end up creating a computer database company. In 1984, he joined Harvard University, where Eric Pulier majored in English and American literature. He also edited and wrote a column on The Harvard Crimson as he took classes at MIT.

In 1991, Pulier moved to Los Angeles where he created “People Doing Things”, a company that addressed health care, education, and other issues affecting the nation by using technology. In 1994, he created Interactive Agency Digital Evolution, which later merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998.

In 1997, Pulier was appointed by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to set up and execute “The Bridge to the 21st Century”, a technology exhibition based in Washington DC. After the exhibition, Pulier took part in the Al Gore’s health care and technology aid, whereby he advised on health care and technology enterprises.

Pulier also participated in the formation of Starbright World; a private social network meant for chronically ill children. Under this network, children can socialize and address their issues with other people from all over the world. According to Pulier, giving back to the society gives life purpose, peace, and joy. He is also a supporter and a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, as well as the present Executive Director of the Enterprise Leadership Council.

Pulier is a risk taker, wave maker, and a market mover, something that has made the most successful business venture groups to sponsor his projects. Pulier is also the co-author of  Understanding Enterprise SOA , and he is recognized for his innovation and successful entrepreneurship in the enterprise technology platform.

Pulier visions a small business enterprise as an opportunity to turn it into a fully- fledged startup investment. He has raised millions of dollars for business ventures, with his main aim been to change the business enterprise world, with one innovative idea at a time.

Eric Pulier is amongst the best and most successful business entrepreneurs in the government technology platform. Apart from being a business entrepreneur, Pulier is also a philanthropist, a publisher, author, and a public speaker. He also gives business talks at premier technology conferences all around the world.