How Brian Bonar Crossed Over To the Financial World


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Director of Engineering | Posted on 16-11-2016

Brian Bonar, a well-recognized individual in the financial industry, has proven that one is not necessitated to graduate with a degree in the similar field so as to make a name in the business world.

Before He Became A Financial Executive

Brian Bonar is highly acquainted with creating various things from scratch because of the fact that he went to James Watt Technical College to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering, and later on to Stafford University to get Masters for Mechanical Engineering.

This background of his allowed him to land various jobs in many IT companies in the United States. He a procurement manager in IBM for more than 20 years, a Director of Engineering in QMS come 1985, Vice President of Sales and Marketing in Rastek Corporation in 1989, and a Sales Manager in Adaptec by 1993. Through these positions, he was able to oversee the work of hundreds of professionals, as well as gain all the additional intelligence required for him to establish a manufacturing company which specialized in creating SCSI-based printers, the Bezier Systems.

As the new business venture did not turn out to be prosperous, Brian Bonar moved back to the world of information technology and worked for a few more companies prior to finding his spot at the helm of two large institutions such as the Dalrada Financial Services and the Trucept, Incorporated.

Bonar’s Field of Expertise

For the reason that Brian continued to lead the Sales and Marketing department of diverse corporations, he had a strong sense of how a profitable business structure should look like. With the formal education related to engineering that he received and his decades of managerial experience from a lot of industries, Brian Bonar had developed special skills in mergers and acquisitions.

About Dalrada Financial Services

Dalrada Financial Services is one of the two companies in which Brian Bonar currently serves as the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Its role in the industry is to provide insurance and financial solutions to a wide array of enterprises that wish to offer dental and medical plans, advanced manner of receiving salary, and other compensations to their employees. Employing Dalrada entails that they will not need to converse with different insurance agencies in order to get the policies they require.

More Data Regarding Trucept, Incorporated

Trucept, Incorporated has dissimilar goals in comparison to Dalrada, as it delivers risk management, human resources, and various business solutions that may be essential for every small to mid-sized company. In simpler terms, they make short- and long-term professionals available to ease the workload of the original employees of the business and help them deal with payrolls and taxes so that the entrepreneurs can concentrate on more matters.