Only Beneful Dog Food for My Pup


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Dog Meal & Treats | Posted on 10-12-2015

For my birthday I received a new Cocker Spaniel puppy. The puppy was from a litter of 4 and was started to ween at 5 weeks of age. The individuals that raised the puppy said they only fed the pup Beneful puppy food. The Healthy puppy dry dog food is full of good nutrition for a growing puppy. Made with real chicken and not chicken by products, the puppy food provides our new family member with good health, and total dietary nutrition. Our puppy does not seem to notice he is consuming vegetables such as carrots and beans. The chicken flavor is full of all of the calcium his little teeth and bones need to grow to be strong and healthy. While at the veterinarian our puppy began to chew on the leg of the chair I was sitting in. I ask the veterinarian what a good treat was for him and she suggested the Healthy smile dental ridges. We use these treats to help in training our puppy and in keeping him occupied when we are away. We hide these treats in areas of the room so the puppy is never bored. Beneful has many different types of products for our growing puppy to try. When he is an adult we will switch him to one of the delicious dry adult foods. Mixing in the chopped blend soft foods may be a great way to give him the nutrition he needs when he is a senior and tooth issues may arise. As much as we love our new family member, we love Purina Store’s Beneful dog food brand foods. I trust my puppy’s nutrition to the first and last dog food he ever ate. Thanks Beneful.