Dog Helps Find Missing Toddler


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A Louisiana television station is reporting, through Reddit, that a dog is being credited with finding a toddler who had been reported missing. A three-year-old boy named Eli Alcock was missing last Tuesday night. Suddenly his parents did not know where he was. After realizing he really was missing, they called on the community to help look.

They called police, posted on Facebook, and asked everyone they could think of to help look for the boy. Dan Newlin was also called. Newlin is a pastor and an avid hunter who owns a hunting dog that has a great reputation helping hunt deer and other animals. A keen sense of smell has made the dog famous locally, so they asked Mr. Newlin if the dog could help.

They had never tried this kind of thing before, but they gave it a shot. After a few hours, the dog found Eli, who was safe, walking in the woods but very lost. Downs was proud of the dog, but said God was looking out for them as well as they hunted for the missing child.

They were not sure how Eli became lost. Apparently he wandered off into the woods and just kept going, and was too far out of sight to call for help. His mother said the child couldn’t tell them much about what happened, but she said she would tell him when he was older, how the dog named Honey saved his life.

History Behind Purina PetCare


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Purina pet food is some of the most nourishing pet food for dogs and cats that one would ever find around. They produce litter and treats besides the actual pet food. Anyone can count on having a healthy dog or cat if they rely on Purina’s products all of the time. Acquired by Nestle, Purina has been around since 2001. Globally, Purina is the second largest pet food company out here today. They have had many successes because people are now willing to spend more money on their pets for quality reasons. When it comes to their pets, one may definitely want to consider quality food over anything else. This is very important.

Some brands that are recognized by Purina are: Beggin, Tidy Cats, Just Right, Gourmet, Felix, Busy, and Fancy Feast. They have many more brands besides those that are sold in pet stores and other stores worldwide. Purina’s headquarters is in St. Louis, MO but many of their operations are in other countries all over the world. Asia, Africa, and Europe are just a few of the countries Purina operates in besides North America. Purina also sponsors many different charities which have been around for many years. A few years ago, in 2011, Purina was ranked number 11 as the most sustainable companies. This was noted in Two Tomorrow’s ranking which is usually every year.

A lot of the their products advertise better digestion and better brain function in pets. Owners can also count on a lot more protein in Purina’s products for their pets. Every year, Purina just keeps getting better. Last year, in 2014, they recently added two new ingredients in their pet food. Acerola and Jabuticaba fruits are just a couple of their new ingredients that all pet owners can now find in certain products only.

If you haven’t been able to check out any of the Purina news or products on the Purina Newscenter, be sure to do so today. You won’t be let down!

Beagle Takes Spot Light at Westminster Dog Show


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The Westminster Dog Show had its annual contest this passed Tuesday, and for the second time in history the event was won by a beagle. The name of the winning dog is Miss P, although her actual name on her papers is “Tashtins Lookin For Trouble.”
According to an article found on Buzzfeed News, it was a total shock to the audience that Judge David Merriam picked the beagle to win the event. In addition to Miss P, some of her running mates included a Shih Tzu which is co-owned by the famous kidnapping victim Patty Hearst, a Portuguese water dog, an Old English sheep dog, a Skye terrier and a poodle. The prize for the award winning beagle did not include cash however, the owners were granted a spot in the glamourous dog circle along with certain breeding rights.
As Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG knows, dog shows have been around for decades and are fun events for people who love to showcase their animals and take a new form of competition. It has been said that Miss P will now go home victorious and prepare for a life of retirement from dog shows.