Milan Kordestani’s Achievements at Milan Farms and in Horse Riding


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Equestrian | Posted on 18-06-2018

Milan Kordestani was born and brought up in Stanford, California. He attended Phillips Brooks Elementary school in California before they moved to London, England back in 2009 when his parents divorced, he later attended Eaton Square School. In 2010, Kordestani returned to the Bay Area where he studied at Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton and then in 2017 graduated High school.

Milan Kordestani started horses riding when he was at the age of 10. At one point he was thrown off of a runway by his horse. Omid Kordestani, being interviewed by The National Horsemen, he wrote that the most rememberable moment of that time when Kordestani fell was that he got back on the horse and started riding it back to the camp. What he did surprise many people considering that in many instances, most of the children would not have gone back to that horse because it was risky.

Riding lesson horses in Atherton is where Milan started, and within a short time, he began competing on world champion horses where he did very well and accomplished a lot. For example, he was ranked at the fourth position at the Worlds Championship Horse Show.

Currently, Milan Kordestani serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Milan Farms; he is also the founder of the same firm. He founded Milan Farms at the beginning of 2015 as a starting point of his journey on creating an organic system and humane to raise poultry, which is 100 percent pure saffron. Milan farms targets to offer the best option to the consumer. In raising animals, they use transparency and purely using organic for the plants. Milan Kordestani argument is that when the consumer is selecting the product and is aware of what he or she wants, a pure and genuine alternative should be available without keeping any secret.

In 2016 is when the Milan Farms logo and brand became a trademarked company. The company has expanded and currently distributing eggs around the west coast. Apart from using the tradition and the honest way of production, Milan Farms trust in innovation, that is why Milan is still conducting more researches and experiments in Hydroponic and aquaponic systems with growing saffron.