Shop Up At Pop-Up The RealReal


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Fashion Expert | Posted on 13-03-2018

Pop-up shops are a new trend nowadays where consumers get a chance to experience an ecommerce retailer in a brick and mortar environment. Jane Wainwright’s growing fashion empire is growing from their online roots to a booming brick and mortar mega house.

The RealReal is investing in in-store experiences for their customers, making 2018 a year of mega pop-up success. The company’s CEO and founder has the statistics to prove that her fashion company is not only going to be here while the trend last. The company has receive over one hundred million dollars in funding. Just last year, the company did about one hundred million dollars in watches and fine jewelry. The company has plans of launching more retail locations and setting up valuation offices. The company owner states that these valuation offices The RealReal has been launching over the past eighteen months to ease the discomfort in jewelry consignment.

The company is expanding into newer markets like Las Vegas and revitalizing their flagship shop in New York City. The company’s director of marketing, Allison Soommer believes The RealReal gives online retailers a street level presence. She states that the shopping environment The RealReal has created causes customers to become sucked in and loyal to the company. This customer loyalty has garnered the fashion company two million dollars in 2016 just from their New York City location.

With a café and flower shop, the New York City store is more than just a cosignment clothing store. Private shopping events and educational workshops are held at this location. This is a premium store with authentication specialists and gemologists.

The RealReal is feeding the customer hunger and demand for in-store consignment retail. Expanding into markets like San Francisco and Las Vegas, the company is committed to bringing a SoHo style and cutting-edge feel to these markets as they have done in their flagship store. They will continue to feed the customer’s demands by hiring sales staff that only posses the knowledge of luxury and retail. The RealReal location’s may only pop up for a season but its effect and style remains.