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Having financial liquidity is important to most. It is the solution to achieving your professional and personal goals. It is not always easy to find a traditional bank that can offer you these loans. Most times the rules of the traditional banks are very stringent terms of qualification, leaving the customers frustrated.

Al Christy had observed how frustrating this trend was, he decided to provide the customers with financial options, that will make it possible for them to obtain the loans, they also offer them lower interest rates.

The Equities loans were flexible and tailored to suit the needs of the consumer.

The company has offices in five countries, these companies are The United States, Thailand, China, Australia and The United Kingdom.

Theg are venturing into new territories, finding options for their loan needs. Their team of experts fond tailored options that will provide what they need.

A Look At How Highland Capital Management Emerged As A Top Alternative Investment Company


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Highland Capital Management, L.P., is an alternative investing advisory company that operates out of Dallas, Texas. The company, which is an SEC-registered investment adviser, specializes in alternative investments such as real estate, hedge funds, private equity, and collateralized loan obligations. Other investments it offers are emerging markets, natural resources, and long/short equities. Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada.

Dondero and Okada have developed Highland Capital Management in the intervening year into a company that, including its affiliates, has almost $15 billion in assets under management. James Dondero continues to serve as the President of Highland Capital Management while Mark Okada is the firm’s Chief Investment Officer.

James Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry and in particular in alternative investing. In addition to his role at Highland Capital Management, he serves as the Chairman of CCS Medical, NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also engaged in charitable efforts and in particular focuses on nonprofits that are involved in education, public policy, and veteran affairs.

Mark Okada also has decades of experience in the financial industry. He is responsible for overseeing Highland Capital Management’s investment strategies. During his career, he won the Lipper Fund Award for “Best Loan Participation Fund” two years in a row. He is a Director of NexBank and also serves the Grow South Fund Advisory Board as a member. His charitable activities include serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Common Grace Ministries, Inc. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Education is Freedom.

Under the leadership of Mark Okada and James Dondero, Highland Capital Management is also heavily involved in charitable giving. In 2016 the company brought in long-time Dallas civic leader Linda Owen to head the company’s expanding charitable giving arm. Among Linda Owen’s work in the nonprofit field is her heading up The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. In a statement about hiring Linda Owens, James Dondero said that as Highland Capital Management expands its charitable giving they recognized that they needed to bring in a professional experienced in the field in order to head it.