How to Overcome Potential Disaster using Southridge Capital


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Who is Southridge Capital?


Southridge Capital Management, LLC is a financial solutions company with advisory services and funding management located in both Connecticut and New York. Southridge Capital is strategically positioned on the East Coast—right in the heart of the U.S. financial district.


The company has been in business for more than twenty years, and they have directly invested over 1.8B in targeted, expansion, strategic solutions for their clients globally. Their executive management team brings decades of combined business experience to the table, leveraging a unique perspective on behalf of clients.


Why is Southridge in Business?


What happens when a company is doing well and attracts new business that requires a level of service the company is not positioned to provide? What happens when a company has sufficient working capital to cover existing expenses and maintain current business, but they have reached their apex when it comes to expansion?

What happens when a company hits its liquid asset ceiling?

If a business is not growing, it is dying.


Unfortunately and too often, that is what happens.


Furthermore, in today’s marketplace, it takes less than five minutes to find out just how viable an enterprise is at any given moment because social media puts it right out there like a neon sign in Times Square.


To be certain, in order for a company to be viable beyond their current ability to produce goods and services, they have to be on the cutting-edge of the prevailing, minute-by-minute changes that are occurring in the marketplace every day. You can checkout  for more details.



What Roles can a Financial Solutions Company Play?



Southridge Capital is in the business of making it possible for companies, who have reached a ceiling in their business, to launch potential growth from a secure platform of solvency.

As a financial solutions company, diversified through their advisory services and financial investment contacts, Southridge is in a position to escort small and mid-size companies through their plateaus and beyond to greater heights of success.


When Southridge takes the helm, their dedication is to capture the consummate financial solutions and identify avenues to the growth of their client’s enterprise. Whether it requires an IPO or some other creative fiduciary solution, the footprint Southbridge leaves with their clients is a secure horizon for the long-term. END For additional info you can visit their twitter account.



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Fortress Investment Group: Leader in Investment Management for Over Two Decades


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Fortress Investment Group has been a trendsetter since its founding two decades ago when it started as a private equity firm. The investment group was founded by Wes Edens (current principal), Randal Nardone (current principal), and Rob Kauffman (partner until 2012). The three founders brought with them a pool of financial expertise and experience from their previous positions at Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, BlackRock Financial Management, and UBS.Their main aim was to come up with a whole new investment firm. Theirs was an “alternative-asset” strategy to raise private equity and then invest it into innovative schemes. Fortress Group flourished, and their assets under management grew at a fast rate. In its first five years, it turned $400 million to around $3.9 billion. The valuation of its assets was $32.6 billion by 2007.Among the earliest investments for Fortress Investment Group were in real estate. In this, they focused on New York and Toronto markets.

They quickly expanded their operations into hedge funds and debt securities. Fortress Investment Group’s growth came at a brusque pace. This was evident as its private equity assets grew by almost 40% from 1999 to 2006. To date, Edens and Nardone are still involved in the management affairs of Fortress Investment. Kauffman, however, decided to turn his focus on car racing which was one of his life-long interests. It’s at this stage that he bought 50% of the shares in Michael Waltrip Racing, which participates in the NASCAR circuit. Soon after, he founded RK Motors Charlotte, a firm that deals in restoring vintage “muscle cars.” Fortress Investment Group is currently under the watch of its three principles; Wes Edens and Randal Nardone, based in New York and Peter Briger who is based in San Francisco.

Fortress has evolved over the years and is now a global investment management firm that is entirely diversified. What’s more, the investment firm directs over $43 billion in assets for over 1,750 investors in private equity, hedge funds, and permanent capital vehicle. It has drawn strength from its strategy of “strong risk-adjusted returns,” mainly for investors who plan for many years ahead. With its headquarters in New York, Fortress Investment Group has now employed over 900 people. Over the two decades of its existence, Fortress Investment Group has established deep expertise in managing acquisitions and mergers. Its employees have a created a rapport with different corporate board members, corporate stakeholders and management professionals, with whom they have built stable business relationships.


Agora Offers Great Options and Services to Customers


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When you are looking to prepare for your financial future finding assistance and advice can be very beneficial. Since it is difficult to understand your future financial needs and how to properly invest, seeking the advice of professionals could help you to achieve your goals. One organization that has continued to provide very sound advice to investors is Agora Financial. This organization has helped hundreds of thousands of people better understand the financial markets and achieve their long-term financial goals.Agora Financial is a publishing company that has been in business for more than 20 years.

Ever since the company was founded it has take steps to ensure it is providing its customers with up-to-date and accurate information about the financial markets. Overall, the organization has more than 100,000 members that are located in more than 100 countries on all continents of the planet.When you are a member of Agora Financial you will receive a number of very unique benefits. One of the main advantages of membership is that you will be able to take advantage of the regular newsletters and other publications that the company can provide to you.

The organization sends out a regular newsletter that will be able to give you some amazing advice and input into how to trade and invest your personal capital.Another advantage of being a member of Agora Financial is that the organization can provide you with detailed and individualized support. Investing is a very personalized subject that will require you to understand how and where you should invest your capital. Since the same strategy is not going to be right for everyone, Agora Financial aims to help people better understand what they should be doing. The organization will be able to pair you with an investment professional that can give you unique guidance.

Empowering Girls and Women in Texas


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NexBank SSB is a regional bank with headquarters in Dallas. The company is a proud sponsor of the Dallas Women’s Foundation. The major announcement was made at the 32nd Annual Luncheon of the Dallas Women’s Foundation. The regional bank funded the foundation with $100,000 and will continue assisting the foundation in promoting the security and leadership of women. The luncheon was graced with influential people. Dr. Hope Jahren, a best-selling author, an award-winning scientist addressed the audience. Jahren is also among the top 100 influential people according to TIME Magazine. The speech was streamed live in 20 schools with more than 10,000 students in North Texas.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation often holds the luncheon annually. The event receives at least 1,300 business and community leaders as well as civic leaders. Dallas Women’s Foundation is the leading regional women’s fund in the world. It is also a leader championing for constructive economic and social changes for both girls and women.

NexBank has assets worth $6.4 billion. It received its charter in 1992. The regional bank specializes in the provision of mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services to its customers. NexBank is a member of the NexBank Capital Incorporation which is a financial service company. NexBank is the number twelve among the largest banks in Texas. It is also among the top two hundred banks in the United States.

NexBank was founded in 1934. It has grown over the years and is currently located in three locations. It has employed more than 87 employees countywide and is still growing. The bank is also an active member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). FDIC was established by the United States Congress.

Through its commercial banking services, the regional bank supports not only institutions but also business enterprise with solutions and quick service delivery. The bank provides commercial and SBA loan to its clients to fund their operation and grow their wealth. NexBank also provides commercial lending services to entities in the real estate industry. The bank offers agency and treasury management services too. The mortgage banking services availed by NexBank include warehouse lending and wholesale and correspondent lending.