Greg Secker Goes from Code to Financial Freedom to Teaching Others How to Gain Financial Freedom


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Financial Trading | Posted on 11-10-2017

The creator of Learn to Trade, Greg Secker, was recently interviewed for CEOCFO Magazine, by the Senior Editor Lynn Fosse.

Greg Secker has developed a philosophy based around saying “yes”. He claims to that he his “a why guy; I’m not a why not guy.” The philosophy stems from the belief that he can figure out the details as he goes along, but that jumping into the project is the key to success. One such example is when he made trades in the stock market while he was flying over Canary Wharf. He wanted to build awareness for charity while demonstrating that it is possible to make money anytime and anywhere.

He began his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services after learning how to code during his years at the University of Nottingham. He started as creating code for the Virtual Trading Desk, picking up important information along the way. As he had to develop incredibly precise code for the computer program, Secker came to understand the methods and approaches behind trading.

He even became interested enough to start trading on his own, making huge gains in under a year. After that, he began to innovate the process of trading, insisting that the trading plan needs to be based on a thorough strategy. Each trade needs to have a risk-management approach.

Greg Secker started his career in trading at Thomas Cook Financial Services where he learned how to create foreign exchange trading systems as a trading technologies. He quickly rose through the ranks in the financial world, becoming the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation at 25 and winning the prestigious British Telecom Award for his creation of Virtual Trading Desk.

After retiring from the company in 2003, he began mentoring people in gaining financial freedom through stock market trading. He began the company Knowledge to Action Group and the Greg Secker Foundation,which hosted financial trading seminars. There, Secker was able to reach an international audience from the Philippines, New Zealand, Ghana, and Australia. He was also the keynote speaker at the Excel London Exhibition Centre for the National Achievers Congress in 2011.