David McDonald: Source Foods For OSI Group, LLC.


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David McDonald currently serves as President and Chief Operations Officer (COO) for OSI Group, LLC. He spent his formative years in Iowa with an ever growing interest in agriculture and biology. He earned his higher education degree, a Baccalaureate of Sciences, from Iowa State University with a concentration in Animal Science. His first career position was Chairman of the North American Meat Institute, a capacity he still fulfills. He joined what is now known as OSI Group, LLC. more than 30 years ago starting as a Project Manager. He has received and accepted each progressively augmented role and their concurrent responsibilities and thus reached the status of President and COO.


The Company started out as Otto & Sons, a venture of European immigrants to the USA that started out as a local butcher shoppe desiring to regain meat quality and flavors from home. In the mid-20th century, it gained the confidence of Ray Kroc to become McDonald’s Restaurants’ sole source of fresh beef. In 1975, the Company’s name became what it is today. Since then, David McDonald and his management team has expanded the business to great scale both national and internationally. Its headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois. Some of its national and international operational names include Baho Foods, DaOSI, GenOSI and TurOSI.

OSI Group helps the economy in the USA also with plant locations in Chicago, West Chicago and Geneva, Illinois, in addition to several meat processing locations in California, Iowa, Utah and Wisconsin. Their international plant locations and partnerships are concentrated in Europe, Asia-Pacific and China providing meat products to such popular eatery chains as Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Saizeriya, Starbucks, McDonald’s Restaurants, Burger King and Yum.


David McDonald promotes simplicity and diligence. He shares how OSI Group is a private enterprise that has always maintained its far-reaching aim to provide the best to the most while exceeding clients’ expectations. Its status as a private entity affords them the opportunity to consistently meet this simple yet comprehensive objective. Dave and his management team achieve this on a global scale by securing partnerships with local establishments worldwide that agree to assume this same attitudinal and behavioral mission. He emphasizes how they take their time building relationships of trust. He is especially grateful for OSI Group’s developments in China, a partnership spanning more than 26 years.

David McDonald further explains how imperative it is to encourage communication from local management because they know best their mutual clients’ tastes and logistical expectations. When a customer anywhere in the world has a need for a new menu item, Dave summons his culinary artists at OSI Group to dedicate time to meeting that need. Thus their global dominance with such consistently glowing accolades. The British Safety Council (BSC) awarded OSI Group the 2016 Globe of Honor. That same year, Forbes ranked OSI Group #58 on its list of largest, private companies at $6.1 billion USD. It has also won BSC’s 2018 International Safety Award. Locally, OSI Group received an award as the Safest Company in Iowa with Distinction for 22 years and counting by the National Safety Council of Nebraska.

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OSI Food Plants Expands Its Chicken Production Plant


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As the world’s award-winning food processing industry, OSI Food Solutions is a multi-billion establishment known to produce thousands of tons of chicken, beef and pork products every year. It is located in Toledo, Spain.


Since the production capacity of this conglomerate has tremendously increased, OSI Food Solutions Company has managed to increase its number of employees from 140 to 20,000 people globally.

It has so far increased the number of job opportunities to many others in other sectors related to its production line. Because of increased food production, more staff has been added to meet the increasing needs of the growing number of clients.


A team of knowledgeable and dedicated staff was hired to bring new and adverse skills in innovation and improved production tactics to drive the development agenda of this company.

And for this reason, The British Safety Council, in 2007, gave OSI Food Solutions an International Safety Award for being best in adhering to health and safety standards at the place of work.

For it has an outstanding record of offering many job opportunities to many people, it has won an award from the Chambers of Commerce.


Sheldon Lavin, David McDonald, are among the most committed team of leaders who expressed their successful leadership skills to ensure utmost improvement in food production for more than 40 years.

According to Jose Maria del Rio, the Managing Director of the food company, the recent expansion of production line in Toledo plant has recorded an annual increase of chicken products production by 8%. He further states that Spain and Portugal are the highest consumers of its chicken products.

McDonald, the president of the company, is amazed by the fact that OSI Food Solutions Company has expanded its chicken production, delivery services and retail services in various branches across the world.


The new building of about 22,600 square feet has been established to accommodate growing demand for chicken products by consumers. This high-tech building has refrigerated rooms in which waste containers are stored before disposal.

It has changing rooms for employees and also rooms for storing the chicken products awaiting shipping to various destinations.


The company understands the need for encouraging productive and a sustainable development enterprise. Energy consumption of the operating plant system has been reduced by 20%. Energy efficiency of the plant has been improved as the system has a refrigeration and co-generation system that recovers energy.


With the utmost dedication of the leaders and staff, the government takes pride in funding its agricultural development projects that promote sustainability.

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OSI Industries: Creating Better Food Solutions In The 21st Century


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We are living in some of the most modern of times and technology is the king. Just about every sector of business has some form of innovation that’s planted into its infrastructure. The food service line of work is no different. OSI Industries, an American wholesale food provider, has an abundance of technological advancements within its core, and these advancements are used to fullest degree. CEO Sheldon Lavin has done a phenomenal job of building this company’s brand. The guy has more than three decades of experience, and he has won the affluent Global Visionary Award. This award goes to a person who personifies dedication, ambition and excellence with a strong urge to succeed.

Thanks to the fine leadership role of Lavin, OSI Industries has taken its game to a new level. In 2016, the company won the prestigious Globe of Honour Award thanks to its excellence in environmental management. The award was presented by the British Safety Counsel at London’s Drapers Hall. OSI has won this exclusive award in the years of 2013 and 2015. It would be extremely hard to find another similar food provider with this much clout. When it comes to factories and facilities, few food service providers has more than OSI. This company has a total of 65, and 10 of the companies are located in China. Located in China’s Shandong Province, the company has an innovative feed mill that processes up to 600,000 metric-tons of chicken on an annual basis. In the nation of Hungary, OSI Industries has a $25 million high capacity production line that processes 22,000 tons of chicken per year. The numbers are simply staggering. At its 22,000-square-foot facility in Toledo, Spain, the company has doubled its production capacity in meats.

Everything is being handled here whether it’s processing, or it’s distribution. All in all, OSI Industries is making a statement for sure, and it will continue on its path to greatness.

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David McDonald: Helping Make OSI Group A Global Food Processing Giant


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David McDonald, president and COO of the global food processing company the OSI Group, has played a major role in the company’s international expansion. Founded as a family meat market serving the Chicago area, the OSI Group has grown to have about 70 food processing facilities in almost two dozen countries in the 30 years since McDonald was hired. Initially, David McDonald was a project manager, but the Iowa State University graduate possessed such valuable skills that he received a series of promotions that resulted in him taking a more and more prominent role in the company’s operations.

Growing up in Iowa, David McDonald lived on a farm and had an interest in agriculture and biology. By the time he left Iowa State University in 1987, he had a bachelor’s degree in animal science and a reputation for being an excellent student who was involved in a wide array of activities on campus. Those activities enabled David McDonald to develop valuable skills which he used to help the OSI Group to succeed. McDonald’s communications skills led to him playing a major role in company’s growth. McDonald was able to work well with government officials, local producers and customers all over the world.

The OSI Group has grown through building new facilities and acquiring others. For over 20 years, David McDonald has helped the company to acquire the land, raw materials, permits and cooperation of local workers and consumers necessary to build 10 food processing facilities in China. He also worked to secure deals to provide poultry, fish, meat, vegetable and dough products to Western fast food companies doing business in the country. David McDonald also played a major role in the purchase of Dutch convenience foods, deli meats and snacks manufacturer Baho Foods. The company gave the OSI Group customers in 18 European countries.

David McDonald also helped the OSI Group to enhance their operations in Europe with the acquisition of UK based maker of pies, fillings, sauces, dressings, dips and condiments, Flagship Europe. To give the company access to even more customers, expand the global market for their products and offer even better service, McDonald worked to acquire and expand facilities in Spain as well as the Philippines for processing chicken, beef and pork products. Through building new facilities, acquisition and innovation, David McDonald has helped the OSI Group become a leader in the global food processing industry.

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OSI Industries Assimilate Baho Foods


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OSI group is the leading privately owned food production company in the world. Currently, they have productions firms in every continent in the world and have dominated the food market in almost every country. OSI Industries specializes in selling value added proteins to food service and retail brands. They have a unique ability to cater for the needs of their clients. This is one of the qualities that have enabled them to penetrate markets in different continents.

In expanding their markets, OSI Industries banked on the locals. Instead of importing employees from head office, they employ the locals. This gives the company an approachable face since locals are able to identify with the company’s representatives. This is a big part of the reason why OSI has had an easy time moving to new markets and overtaking already existing companies. It is also a way for OSI groups to positively impact the local economy.

Apart from setting up their own firms, OSI expands through acquisitions. In the recent past, they acquired Baho Foods and Tyson food plant. When they acquired these firms, OSI group did not do away with the management or the food products they already had. Instead, they incorporated the firms’ products into their product line. This was is a big advantage to OSI. Apart from gaining a new market, their product line grew.

The biggest achievement of OSI in expanding and becoming a world leader is that they have managed to hold on to their basics. Right from its foundation, OSI Industries main goal has been to take care of its customers’ needs. Their presence in different markets across the globe means that they have to adjust according to the needs of every market. They have been able to take care of each market’s need by taking advantage of local employees. They have been able to speak the market’s language, put the market’s needs first and incorporate the local culture in their marketing schemes.

OSI Industries presence is felt in every continent in the world. However, their successful expansion is not what makes them a people’s favorite. It’s their ability to maintain quality productions in every firm they own across the globe. The fact that their clients in Africa are able to get the same quality as their clients in the UK has made them a people’s favorite. This is the basis of their expansion. Since people love their products, penetrating new markets is easy. Their reputation precedes them.

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Waiakea Water- Environmental, Alkaline, Delicious


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Bottled water is being sold by dozens of companies all over the world. In fact, the bottled water industry is worth an estimated 100 billion dollars. Most companies try to make themselves stand out from others, advertising that their water has minerals, or that their water is bottled right from the mountain spring it came from. With all of these different brands trying to advertise pretty much the same thing, it can be hard to differentiate. But, Waiakea water really is different. Here’s why.

Waiakea water is from Hawaii, which makes most things more majestic. The word “Waiakea” means “broad waters”, which just sounds cool. However, the thing that makes this water stand out the most is the rigorous filtering process it goes through. This Hawaiian Volcanic water is actually filtered through 14,000 feet of natural volcanic rock.

Another factor of Waiakea water that makes it unique is the environmental precautions the company takes. Most water bottles are made of plastic, which ends up in the ocean, polluting water and killing marine life. Waiakea, on the other hand, is one of the first bottled water companies that makes almost completely biodegradable water bottles, and all of the bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic. The company also reduces carbon emissions by delivering their products in low carbon emission vehicles.

If you’re looking for a more pure, environmentally friendly way to enjoy your bottled water, Waiakea is a great option!

Waiakea is a Hawaiian Volcanic water company that was founded in 2012. The company is unmatched in environmentally friendly practices.

Waiakea bottles are produced using 100% recycled practice, and in 2018, it will be the first company to make almost completely biodegradable plastic bottles. Waiakea bottles use 85% less energy and 90% less water than other leading bottled water brands.

The water is filtered through around 14,000 feet of volcanic rock, making it pure and delicious. It’s PH levels fall between around 7-8, which make Waiakea’s water some of the most naturally alkaline in the industry.




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Beneful incredibites is a fantastic taste sensation for your small, adult dog! What makes Beneful incredibites so tasty? Real farm raised beef is one of the magic ingredient. But, it gets even better! Peas and carrots are in the mix. Add to that a blending of grains and your dog just got 100% nutrition along with fantastic taste. Does your dog prefer chicken? Beneful incredibites available with real chicken, sweet potatoes and spinach is also fortified with the same great nutrients as the beef recipe. For a tsste of Italy, your dog will also love Beneful Incredibites in Romana flavor that features real meat, pasts, carrots and spinach.

Your dog never knew how good Vitamin E could taste! Or the B vitamins! All for giving your dog great muscle tone! Vitamin D is added, along with minerals, for a super shiny coat! All this is part of a healthy life style for your Beneful Dog. Beneful is formulated for adult small dogs, and it meets the nutritional values set forth by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Each serving of beef Beneful Incredibites contains 3623 kcal/kg and provides the adult small dog with caloric intake for his size and age. Beneful is available in small 3.5 lb bags, 6.3 lb medium bags,to large 15 lb bags, and the costs are affordable. A 15 lb bag of Beneful Incredibites is just about $14.00, and it is even less with the coupons offered on the company website. All this is great news for your small, adult dog and you! Let’s face it, dinner time is the highlight of your dog’s day. Make sure that you give him the most nutrition with the best taste for the best of his life.