Brief Preview of George Soros Amazing Charity Work


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George Soros is one of the most famous people worldwide. His involvement in the philanthropic activities is probably among the greatest in the world. Much of his outstanding contributions are in  health sector, education and humanitarian sector. As put by the Open Society Foundation’s president, the objective of the foundation is to locate the needy and most vulnerable, marginalized and the oppressed. Its support is directed through the Open Society’s offices and are only done to the groups or individuals with the same agenda in their mission as the foundation.

George Soros rose from a humble background. He is a Jewish born to a low income family in Budapest, Hungary. Living in Hungary in his childhood, he survived through the Nazi regime with the family under a false identity. His family also helped other families go through the reign under a false identity. He moved to London, England in the year 1947 and advanced his education in the London School of Economics. To survive in London through the education, he worked as railway porter and served in a restaurant as a waiter at night.

After completing his education, he wanted to shift and work in the financial sector as per his degree. He made a lot of application throughout England and managed to secure himself an entry-level job. He worked in this position till 1956 when he moved to the United States. In New York, worked hard as trader and an analyst and later climbed his ladder to become the vice president of a Fund. He later founded the Soros Fund Management.

George Soros first founded the nonprofit foundation in the year 1984. The organization started immediately to distribute photocopiers to tertiary institutions and societies with the major aim of conveying information to enable the transition to democracy. The major tool in accomplishing democratic ideals was through supporting the higher education and talks about freedom. Moreover, George Soros has also been a major funder of many political activities in the United States.

He also contributed hundreds of millions of dollars during the Yugo Slovakia war in the 90s. The Open Society Foundation that he founded also helped many groups such as LGBTI, groups supporting disables rights, children rights and the rights of women. To the International Crisis Group and the UNICEF, Soros has also donated around five million dollars to support them in their actives. The Foundation is also involved in promoting education. In the 70s, George Soros came in to support the black students in South Africa access the University of Cape Town during the apartheid. In his home country, he also donated an amount totaling to 880 million dollars to endow the Central European University located in Budapest.


Learn More About The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America


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Allscripts and Nanthealth have partnered with Cancer Treatment Centers Of America to expand their already successful oncology department says, PRN Newswire. Thousands of cancer patients reach out to their network as a caring medical alternative to traditional cancer treatment. Their oncologists have been able to find evidence based treatment programs. Their new workflow program through their partnership with Nanthealth will help more patients get personalized care through a seamless method. You have a professional team of associates work diligently towards you getting better and live a better life when you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

Get appropriate treatment options for your needs. They offer their clients safe and efficient treatment. You can leave a healthy longer life with accurate oncology reports that tell physicians exactly what you need. Choose to live a full life and go through the remission of cancEr with less worries of the cancer coming back. Their nontraditional method of treating cancer has been a preferred method for thousands of patients nationwide. They give you a comparison for other sources of cancer treatment. Their team of dedicated professionals is there to put the life of their patients first. Get the life you should be living with your battle with cancer.

You’re invited to visit one of their locations nationwide to find out your options for treatment. They also offer a unique website with more details and information on their success stories at Cancer Treatment Centers Of America. Live well with the top traditional cancer treatment alternative nationwide.

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USHEALTH Advisors Company has played a central role in ensuring American citizens enjoy descent life style through provision of high quality medical insurance services. The company’s employees are privileged since they work closer to their homes provided they respect the rules set by the company. The employees are also entitled to motivations which constitutes overtime bonuses, medical covers and honorable salaries. USHEALTH Advisor Company has ensured creation of maximum job opportunities varying from account managers, outside sales representatives, insurance sales agents and sales executives among the many different opportunities. Sales executive are entitled to an approximate monthly earnings of 7875 US Dollars, sales agents receive 8236 US Dollars per month, while outside agents get nearly 8333 US Dollars per month. USHEALTH Advisors Company has also created an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to earn a predictable amount summing to nearly 200,000 US Dollars per year.



The company received its entrepreneurial accreditation in April, the year 2013. The USHEALTH Advisor Company has been putting efforts to guarantee issue plans, accident insurance, critical illness cover and health insurance covers. The company has also created a platform where clients can seek advisory services from their agents located in different places concerning their specific matter of interest. The company has expanded its capacity to provide services to its customers, posing high competition advantage to companies that have been in operation for long period of time. The company has a labour force of close to 310 employees who are well treated through respectable salaries and company insured covers among the many other benefits.



USKEALTH Advisors Company has been operating as a partner company of USHEALTH Group Inc. The company was established in the year 2010. USHEALTH Advisors Company is a privately owned asset with its operational base in Grapevine, Texas in the United States of America. The company has a vision of providing reliable and flexible services to their customers when need arises. The company offers services to all persons, families, working as well as advisory to small scale entrepreneurs. The company has also ventured in marketing health insurance covers for individuals.

Why you Need Lifeline Screening Services


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Everyone wants to have a healthy life style that is free from diseases. Sickness brings about sadness and could take away the meaning and purpose of life. Having sick relatives can drain away all our financial resources, and we are also emotionally affected. To avoid such compromising incidences go for check ups regularly. Lifeline screening provides you with services to ensure you are aware of your body condition.

Lifeline screening takes tests that help their patients, in detecting any diseases that may be developing in their body. The primary goal of the screening process to ensure that early treatment is undertaken to make sure the virus does not grow to more complicated issues. Such precautions may save the patient resources because it’s easier to treat a disease at a younger stage. The screening may also help eliminate the risk of developing chronic conditions like cancer by killing cancerous cells before they spread.

Lifeline screening offers their services at relatively good prices. Many patients can, therefore, afford their services. Their services are also up to medical standards and accurate. To ensure that the results are reliable; lifeline passes the patients results to group of physicians who inspect the results thoroughly before approving them. The results are then passed over to the patient’s physician, with the full report of the health condition, the patient can begin the treatment process immediately if need be.

There are three types of preventive screening that are employed in lifeline screening. These screenings include; For more info about us: click here.

Ultra Sound Screening/sonography

Sonography screening, depend on sound waves. High-frequency sound waves are directed on the body part under study, and the sound echoes are recorded. Ultra sound testing is common in fetus viewing during pregnancy.

Limited electrocardiograph

Irregular heartbeat could lead to stroke development. This condition is also known as atrial fibrillation; lifeline conducts EKG to detect this condition in their patients. This is to initiate treatment before it’s too late.

Finger-Stick Blood Screening

Finger-stick screening is very fast as it takes ten minutes to know the results. A little blood is pricked from the finger and used for testing. The lifeline equipment’s used are similar to those used in medical labs and are approved by the ministry of health.

Affordable, Flexible, and Reliable Coverage with USHEALTH Group inc


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USHEALTH Group inc; originally known as Ascent Assurance is an insurance company based out of Fort Worth Texas. USHEALTH Groups 2000+ agents have served over 15 million customers in its 50 years of business. These services are provided through USHEALTH Group and its subsidiaries: Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, National Foundation Life Insurance Company, and Enterprise Life Insurance Company.


USHEALTH Group prides itself on offering individuals affordable, flexible insurance plans that fit their unique lifestyles. USHEALTH focuses on the self-employed, small business owner, and families rather than corporations. The insurances offered include: life, short term disability, specified disease/sickness and accident, accident and disability, critical illness, term life, income protectors, dental, and vision. Each of these plans can be customized through customer choice to create the perfect coverage bundle for each policy holder. USHEALTH Group allows customers to upgrade the amount of coverage they receive as needed without justification. This allows the individual to pay for the coverage they need as they need it, and then increase that coverage when the need arises.


Troy McQuagge, the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group takes immense pride in the companies commitment to customer service. As a result, the company has won numerous awards over the past 50 years. Some of these awards include being names the Gold Winner in 2017 at the CEO World Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, the Gold Stevie Award during the 11th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service, as well as the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award in 2016.


In addition to the tangible awards USHEALTH has received, they are also able to brag of an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, being labeled one of the top 50 North American Call Centers in 2013, and a 4.4 stars on Glassdoor; a website where employees share their opinions of their companies. All of this results in an insurance company that breaks the mold by having much less customer turnover than the average insurance company.


The company website, is easy to navigate, and offers its members access to coverage and benefit summaries, health and wellness information, estimates for treatment and cost, as well as pharmacy and prescription services.

How Dr. Avi Weisfogel is helping to Fight Sleep Apnea


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Avi Weisfogel is a dentist and the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, which is an organization that is dedicated to fighting and finding a solution to sleep apnea. Other than practicing dentistry, Avi has a passion for exploring the sleep world, particularly the sleep disorder.

He graduated with a B.A. in Biology from the Rutgers University before joining the New York University; College of Dentistry and graduated with a DDS in Dentistry. In 1996, he established Old Bridge Dental Care where he practiced his dental profession for more than fifteen years.

His passion and extensive background in sleep disorder and sleep treatment, he opened the Healthy Heart Sleep. The company was aimed at educating physicians and dentists on how to manage and establish sleep labs.

Due to the success of Healthy Heart Sleep, in 2012 he founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient where he lectured dentists on the best methods of serving sleep patients. He believed that oral appliances could be used to treat sleep disorders and in 2014, he established Dental Sleep Masters.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel believes that sleep apnea has a correlation to serious conditions like diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Avi Weisfogel draws from an extensive study of the sleep disorder. In an interview with Ideameansch, he mentioned that he was fascinated by the sleep world and found that only a few people showed interest in this field. This revelation led him to conduct further research in this field, and that’s how Dental Sleep Masters was born.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel believes that sleep disorder, once contained, can help patients avoid serious conditions like diabetes, which has recently been closely related to sleep apnea. He believes that over 905 per cent of people who exhibit the sleep apnea disorder don’t receive the professional care that is required. He believes that Dental Sleep Masters will usher in a new dawn where more people will follow suit and establish more sleep disorder treatment centers.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an Impeccable Dentist and a Guru in Sleep Medicine


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Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s career in the dentistry arena commenced at Old Bridge Dental Care in the late 90s. He offered leading-edge dental services to the people of Old Bridge Township, New Jersey for not less than 15 years. His efforts to address dental issues and deliver exceptional services won him coveted honors like The Best Dentist. Still acting as a general dentist, Dr. Avi began to look into sleep disorders, and strategies physicians and dental specialists could utilize to help individuals with sleep apnea and other complications associated with sleep.


Healthy Heart Sleep unveiled


Dr. Avi demonstrated his unceasing zeal to develop an effective treatment for sleep apnea by opening up Healthy Heart Sleep. This facility began its operation in 2010. It collaborated with sleep physicians and trained them on ways of creating successful sleep labs. By 2012, Dr. Avi had added a large pool of committed dentists to his team. Through numerous discussions, brainstorming sessions, and conference, Dr. Avi and his team of dentists came up with innovative strategies for managing sleep disorders.


The setting up of Dental Sleep Masters (DSM)


Dr. Avi continued working towards actualizing his ideas for treating sleep complication by setting up DSM in 2014. His idea was to treat sleep patients using oral appliances. Through DSM, Dr. Avi has been orchestrating several campaigns that impart knowledge concerning sleep disorders to people. He urges people to visit their physicians for sleep disorders tests. He argues that the increased rates of life-threatening conditions, including stroke, diabetes, high-blood pressure, and heart disease, is due to sleep disorders that stay undiagnosed or untreated for a long time.


Dr. Avi’s marketing strategies

Dr. Avi Weisfogel strives to make his products and services accessible to people from all over the world by employing effective marketing strategies. He is an expert in regional marketing. He enjoys massive followership on social media platforms. For instance, Dr. Avi is a prominent figure on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Through his blog and website, he educates people on tactics for dealing with sleep apnea. Dr. Avi’s main agenda is to provide unique solutions to his clients and build a strong rapport with them.


InnovaCare Health Medicare Advantage Plans


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When you turn 65 it seems like everything changes. The one thing that makes this obvious is that your medical care is now handled through Medicare. There are also some decisions that you have to make about what kind of plan you want. It’s a lot to learn but it’s really not that difficult. Do you want just plain medicare or do you want a medicare advantage plan? Most people when given this choice opt to get a Medicare Advantage Plan. They do this partly because Medicare Advantage plans offer more convenience and in some cases even more benefits. One of the leading providers of Medicare Advantage plans is InnovaCare Health.

The leadership team behind this company are its President and Chief Executive Officer, Rick Shinto, M.D. The Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides. As a leader in offering these type of plans to the public, InnovaCare is committed to providing quality health care by integrating their state of the art treatment protocols with today’s most advanced technologies.

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It is important to note that Medicare Advantage plans cover all the services covered under original Medicare except hospice care. This isn’t necessary because Medicare will cover the cost of Hospice if and when it is used. Medicare Advantage Plans also cover emergency and urgent medical care as long as they are deemed medically necessary. These plans may even offer vision, hearing, dental and even wellness programs. In addition, most also include Medicare Prescription Drug coverage.

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If you decide to enroll in an Advantage plan, Medicare will compensate the private health plan they offer their clients a fixed amount each month for each member under a bidding process. The Advantage plan submits a bid that is based on the costs of service that it estimates for the services covered by Medicare. All bids are compared to a benchmark. If the plan’s bid is higher than the benchmark used by Medicare the advantage plan client pays the difference if the plan’s bid is lower the the difference is divided between the plan and Medicare. All Advantage plans are required by law to offer a benefits package the is at least equivalent to the coverage offered by straight Medicare. However, they are not required to cover benefits in the same way. You may see, for example, a plan that requires a higher out of pocket expense but balances this out in their plan by offering lower costs in another area. In addition, Medicare Advantage Plans and InnovaCare Health limit the advantage plan client’s out of pocket costs to no more than $6,700 per year. Once this maximum is reached the plan will pay 100% of the costs for services. If, however, you decide to enroll in an Advantage Health Maintenance Organization, certain specialists and providers not in the network are off limits without authorization.

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HIV-Positve Donors May Now Donate Organs for Organ Transplants


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The New York Times released a report on the first American kidney and liver transplant to be performed at Johns Hopkins University between HIV infected people. Scientists are hoping for a successful operation as this will be huge for organ transplantation in this country. It is estimated 1,000 or more HIV-infected people could be saved if this works.

Those who have HIV could only receive organs from those who are not affected, and transplants between two infected persons had been forbidden. This ban prevented over 500 people infected with HIV from donating suitable organs; thereby sending them to waste. President Obama lifted this restriction by signing the HIV Organ Policy Equity Act, in November 2013. A copy of this act is listed on Lifetime Enterprises LTD’s website.

Receiving transplants is even more important for patients with HIV as they could die while being on the waiting list even faster than those without the infection. While Lifetime Enterprises Ltd. is quick to point out that it is the first time the U.S. is performing these transplants; it is not the first world-wide. South African hospital, Groote Schuur Hospital performed a kidney transplant back in 2010. They are reporting promising results with their survival rates.

To start, Johns Hopkins is only using organs from deceased donors as it has not been determined if it is safe for someone to donate while living with the infection. Lifetime Enterprises Ltd. believes these transplants will also make a big difference for those who are HIV negative as well. Those who are not infected with HIV will not receive organs from those who are due to possible risk of transmission.

More Reasons to Drink Water


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The subject of hydration has been in the health news often lately and with good reason. Dehydration is not good for the body in any way. Many people, especially the elderly, do not drink enough water. Much of our body consists of water, while a lesser amount is attributed to solid tissue, so it is necessary to stay hydrated.

According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, dehydration can lead to muscle cramps. Water is needed to balance the salts in the body and too little water can cause these painful spasms. Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium are thrown off balance without enough water at the cellular level.

Water is also essential for healthy skin and mouth. Too little water can decrease salivation leading to bacterial growth in the mouth. Dry skin can be a direct result of not enough water intake. Moisturizers on the skin help, but ingesting water is also needed to keep skin supple and soft. Skin is our first defense to many germs and keeping it strong and free from openings that allow microbes into the body is important.

Water is essential for concentration and preventing mental fog. Dehydration can also lead to food and sugar cravings when the body is actually needing water.

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Everyone should have a glass or bottle of water handle to sip throughout the day even if they don’t actually feel thirsty.