Dr. Jorge Moll Talks About Healthcare And Technology Intersecting


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Dr. Jorge Moll is a distinguished scientist who studies the brain. He earned his neurological medicine degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1997. In 2003 he graduated from The University of Sao Paulo with his Ph.D. in experimental physiopathology. He now operates his own outfit called the D’Or Institute for Research and Education which is located in Rio de Janeiro.

Dr. Jorge Moll is the president-director of this firm and also has a seat on its governing board. He heads its research and education departments including both the Neuroinformatics Workgroup and the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit.

In an interview he conducted in December 2017, Dr. Jorge Moll said that he grew up wanting to help people who have mental conditions which prevent them from enjoying the life they want to lead. He said he wanted to develop an organization which performed world-class research and did educational outreach to his fellow Brazilian citizens. He says his workdays are mostly spent in meetings where he talks with his peers, students, and associates. He also works with entrepreneurs in other organizations in order to have his business partner with organizations to complete his company’s objectives.

One modern topic which is very interesting to Dr. Jorge Moll is artificial intelligence. He says that he is excited about how machines and brains will likely one day in the future be able to work closely with one another. He is also very interested in both regenerative medicine and gene therapy which is finding increasingly effective ways of treating diseases in far better ways than conventional methods have done. Dr. Jorge Moll says that he keeps close tabs on both the field of healthcare and that of technology and increasingly sees them merging together to improve people’s lives.

If he could give any advice to his younger self, Dr. Jorge Moll says that he would tell himself to not be afraid to give up on ideas that aren’t panning out. It is best to either run with a great idea or, if the idea really isn’t so great, quickly abandon it and move on to something else.

Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home


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Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home is located in Sussex, United Kingdom. The accredited organization runs a group of independent homes that specialize in providing needed services to older adults. Their care homes make it possible for the older adults to live a comfortable and satisfying lifestyle. Of course, the homes require a staff that is kind, warm, and friendly to work in the 20 care homes that are located around the area.

These homes have operated over 25 years with great success because they sincerely care about the overall health of the individuals in their homes and only hire the most motivated and encouraging individuals to provide care to the seniors.

Why Select Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare operates a group of independent homes across the Sussex, UK area. They specialize in providing care to seniors with dementia, neurological disorders, mental handicaps, and physical handicaps. The organization is run by a very experienced management team that includes new CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor, who works diligently to provide the highest quality of care to the older adults that reside in their homes. Sussex continues to optimize their care homes with new innovative technologies and treatments. Thus, creating very high standards that other healthcare facilities in the community are trying to match. True, they’ve set a new standard for healthcare and require a staff that is in line with their philosophy of providing only the best care for their senior residents.

Work For Sussex Healthcare
Sussex is an organization that believes in investing in new talent for their care homes. They provide in-house training and education that provides those individuals with the required skills to care for the seniors in their care homes. Sussex Healthcare also offers their staff an outstanding pension, along with numerous benefits. If you are looking for a satisfying career with ample opportunity to grow and learn, consider Sussex Healthcare.

Job Opportunities
Sussex Healthcare requires a warm, kind, and caring staff to provide care to the seniors in their homes. Now, is a great time to join their team, if this sounds like you. Here are a few of their current job openings.

Administrative Manager
Registered Nurse
Domestic Assistant
Senior Care Assistant
Care Assistant
Support Worker
Deputy Care Home Manager

Visit the Sussex Healthcare job site for more information. Sign up for email alerts to get information about new job openings.

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