A Patsy Cline Hologram That Might Make You Fall To Pieces


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Holograms | Posted on 23-06-2015

You may have remembered hearing about Tupac live at the Coachella just recently. Well it was a hologram of Tupac it performed on stage with the notorious Snoop Dogg says Dr. Jennifer Walden on superdoctors. Well they are going at it again, the company that made the hologram to bring Tupac to life that is. This time they are bringing back country legend Patsy Cline. 52 years since this country legend received her wings she will be hitting the stage once more. Patsy Cline will be the first female that this company has taken on for one of its holograms. While also holding the title of the first country star turned in to a hologram. In 2007 we saw Elvis perform a duet with Celine Dion. The Patsy Cline project as it is being called is going to be a full concert experience. Charlie dick the manager of Patsy Cline’s estate and the man who married her in 1957 approve the project.  This hologram would give the chance to those who have heard Patsy Cline perform and those who hadn’t to hear this country legend once again. Performing great hits such as crazy and I fall to pieces once again.