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“American Enterprise”, an exhibit focusing on American capitalism opened on July 1, 2015 at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington D.C.

The exhibit is housed in a modern 8,000 foot gallery wing and features interactive displays and videos as well as objects from critical inventions in American history. On display is a variety of inventions such as Eli Whitney’s cotton gin, a Fordson Tractor, Barbara McClintock’s microscope and important scientific discoveries that changed the culture and advanced business opportunities and practices.

The Exhibit intends to convey the history of American business and presents differing views on business philosophies, both positive and potentially negative. It covers four historical periods, The Merchant Era, The Corporate Era, The Consumer Era and the Global Era.

There are sections on women and minorities and teens in business as well as familiar advertising and digital marketing.

Kenneth Griffin is a perfect example of an American businessman. He is the founder and CEO of Citadel, a global investment firm. He began his investment career as a freshman at Harvard at the age of 18. His fascination with investing has catapulted him into a successful career which exemplifies the concept of American ingenuity and is also a generous contributor to worthy causes and organizations.

The exhibit is a fascinating and intelligent look at a critical aspect of American Development and character. There is a companion book available entitled “American Enterprise, a History of Business in America”.

Andy Wirth Assumes Chair of Reno Airport Board


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In Reno the Tahoe/Reno Airport Authority Board has gotten a rather drastic make over with the addition of three new members, including a new chairman, according to the Sierra Sun. Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski/Alpine Meadows, is assuming the position of Chairman for the board. Wirth, though the most experienced member to be added, was far from the only one. Lisa Gianoli, Jenifer Rose and Jessica Sferazza rounded out the addition of the new members that took their positions on July 9th.

Wirth wasted little time in acclimating himself to the position. Wirth started out by releasing a statement that espoused the boards ideals while touting his own work ethic, “New people will bring new ideas that can help take our airport to a higher level.” and of course he is correct. Listed below are the credentials of the new members.

Lisa Gianoli was appointed by the Washoe County and she runs a government relations consulting firm that works to represent local government officials. She has worked for over a decade as a Financial Analyst in Washoe. Jenifer Rose is the CEO of the locally run shop, It’s My Community Store. She focuses on business-to-business sales while working locally with charities. Finally, Jessica Sferazza founded the company JESSCONVLLC where she works as a consultant to help local businesses.

Despite the immense talent and professional credentials of the prior members it is Wirth who stole the show on day one. Wirth has cultivated his name as an excellent business manager who knows how to work both air travel and tourism thanks to his work with the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. His commitment to expanding his business, including the new lift going between Alpine and Squaw, has made him one of the most successful business leaders in the area.

Wirth told the assembled crowd that he was “honored to represent the RSCVA” and that his work as Chairman would be “vital to our regional economy”. Wirth went on to espouse how important it is to work with the ski, gaming, and business industries in order to cultivate a healthy business plan to keep the state and county booming. He didn’t forget to address the other members who were appointed alongside him, either. Wirth said that they were excited to be, “adding very experienced and talented people” who would be “dedicated to enhancing travel to and from our region” and the board is looking better than ever.

Sony E-mail Leaks Are Helping to Discredit Dr. Oz


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Millions of people turn to Dr. Mehmet Oz for the latest and best advice in health and wellness, but the famous doctor has been making headline news recently for questionable ethics and his colleagues at Columbia University even appealed to the board of education to revoke his position at the prestigious institution.

Now, after Columbia University released a statement about their decision to keep Dr. Oz as a staff member, new information has been leaked from emails he and his staff exchanged with Sony.

The email leaks from Sony give an insiders glimpse as to what motivates the show and Dr. Oz himself, and it doesn’t appear to have much to do with beneficial medical advice, and everything to do with image and earnings.

In one email Oz writes, “We should leverage the Sony-driven success of our TV show into other arenas where Sony thrives, like health hardware.”

Oz comes across as more of a business man than a doctor in the leaked emails according to Flavio Maluf, never mentioning any health benefits or risks associated with the products he is planning to advocate for, the bottom line for him seems to be money, not wellness.

As time goes on, we will see what Oz’s true motivations really are, and he will have to answer to the court of public opinion once all facts are released.

Beagle Takes Spot Light at Westminster Dog Show


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The Westminster Dog Show had its annual contest this passed Tuesday, and for the second time in history the event was won by a beagle. The name of the winning dog is Miss P, although her actual name on her papers is “Tashtins Lookin For Trouble.”
According to an article found on Buzzfeed News, it was a total shock to the audience that Judge David Merriam picked the beagle to win the event. In addition to Miss P, some of her running mates included a Shih Tzu which is co-owned by the famous kidnapping victim Patty Hearst, a Portuguese water dog, an Old English sheep dog, a Skye terrier and a poodle. The prize for the award winning beagle did not include cash however, the owners were granted a spot in the glamourous dog circle along with certain breeding rights.
As Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG knows, dog shows have been around for decades and are fun events for people who love to showcase their animals and take a new form of competition. It has been said that Miss P will now go home victorious and prepare for a life of retirement from dog shows.

Organic Farming Proves Best


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Organic farming has been ridiculed in recent years amid claims it does not produce the same yield as chemically-treated crops. The most recent study at the University of California, Berkeley has shown no significant difference in the yield achieved with some crops. This latest information serves to challenge the traditional bias that agricultural production without modern chemical intervention is insufficient for global satiety. Current methods of industrial farming have seen a decline in the production gap provided by chemical interference. Organic farming does not use any artificial materials for the fertilizing of soils and subsequently has far less of an impact on the ecosystem.

This study provides insight into our necessary practices at a time when much of the scientific community is alarmed by the devastation caused within many pollinating insect communities. I was reading about the study the other day when I was reading about Kenneth Griffin. The chemical biocides are causing an imbalance within the environment that is disrupting more than the intended pests. Couple this with the fact that the world already produces an amount of food vastly greater than it needs and a dangerously naïve system becomes apparent. Professor Kremen, who led the study, emphasized the importance of preserving the environment so that it may sustain the population for generations yet to come.

35 Horses Rescued By The Horse Plus Humane Society


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35 horses were rescued last week, by the Horse Plus Humane Society. They were saved from the slaughterhouse, where the horses were set to become any number of inhumane products.

Below is a video of the horses in their new habitat, where they can live out the rest of their lives free, and in their natural environment.  A massive victory for horse lovers everywhere like me and Marnie Bennett.