Chris Linkas Educating Veterans On Early Investment


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Investment Strategies | Posted on 18-05-2018

The importance of investing early has never been more apparent than in today’s economy. With a rising unemployment and social security running dry, young adults run the risk of not having enough money to withstand retirement or financial hardships. Therefore, it is imperative that you invest as early as possible. One man that has been expressing this for over two decades is Chris Linkas. Chris Linkas has been the European Head of Credit for a top investment firm for the past 15 years. His experience alone may be overwhelming, but he has a passion for sharing his expertise with young adults. His next project is to expand his reach to our nation’s veterans.

Chris Linkas has been thinking that the past 15 years of our country’s existence has been riddled with war. Which in turn has created a dramatic increase in the manpower of our armed forces. Young men and women sign up every day to put their lives on the line in order to protect their country. In turn, the favor should be reciprocated when their service is completed. The problem is, unless military members take the initiative to learn about investments on their own, then they fall into the same category as most young adults today. There are five reasons for investing early, with the first of which being time. Having more time gives you the ability to make riskier investments for greater returns. Second, compound interest exponentially increases your net worth. This increase in return will give you more savings for retirement ( You’ll develop better spending habits. And lastly, your general quality of life will improve.

It’s for those very same reasons that Chris’s vision is centered around teaching young professionals on the importance of managing their finances from now until retirement. He wants to express that as you get older your priorities are going to change. From buying a home to becoming a parent, everything is going to cost money. Whether or not an individual can afford these luxuries is going to depend on the decisions they make from this point forward stressed by Chris Linkas.