Experience makes the difference with Madison Street Capital


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International banking firm, Madison Street Capital, has been recognized as a finalist in the 17th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The firm has been nominated from a pool of firms in the first stage of evaluation by M&A Advisor, an intelligence organization that publishes insights, and recognizes excellence, achievement, and leadership in dealmaking. Learn more about Madison Street Capital: https://ideamensch.com/charles-botchway/ and https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/madison-street-capital-announced-as-finalist-for-the-17th-annual-ma-advisor-awards-300710123.html

M&A Advisors also holds summits for gathering industry thought leaders. An independent panel of judges is expected to deliver a winner based on the five following categories: Professsional Services Deal of The Year(10MM-$50MM), Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year, Equity Financing Firm of The Year, Private Equity Deal of The Year(10MM-$50MM), and M&A Deal of The Year(10MM-$25MM).

The Madison Street Capital reputation of professional standards is solidified amongst its peers, and through its 20 years of delivering on its services. According to CEO Charles Botchway, the nomination is an honor, but also a result of a dedicated, talented team that serves its clients with best in class business. To receive such a is gratifying, and a true testimony to the firm’s capabilities.

Madison Street Capital is committed to its role in leadership, integrity, and excellence in merger and acquisition, corporate financial advisory, valuation services, and opinion on financial markets. Both publicly and privately held business rely on the firm’s position knowledge for project undertaking.

The Madison Capital reputation stands on unwavering expertise in the global marketplace. The firm attributes client success to emerging markets.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, they also have satellites in Africa, and Asia. The capital firm has extensive relationships for advanced match-making. It specializes in middle market investment banking, private equity fund administration services, hedge fund administration services, and financial asset management services. Read more: Madison Street Capital Names New Managing Director to Oversee Origination Team | Business Insider and Madison Street Capital | Bloomberg

The company’s season professionals take a unique approach to client circumstances, and makes sound recommendations.

Consistent Innovation Aided Fortress Investment Group into Global Financial Power


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Fortress Investment Group has become a pioneer in the investment industry. Since its inception, the group has seen many successes making great leaps that influenced its sphere of industry. It has one of the largest asset bases with history made when they issued a public IPO and took over hedge funds international management through Softbank. This was possible for Fortress Investment Group because of a strong foundation. The group is basically set on five financial giants. Together they set the foot forward to come up with various departments including acquisition, credit management, mergers, capital markets, and asset-based investing based on their strengths. The company’s booster to becoming a pioneer in the market is derived from the experiences of the Group and specialization in handling various departments.

Fortress Investments Ability to Stay Afloat

Our world is so dynamic, and so is the investment and finance world. For many companies, staying afloat has been a daunting task, and for most, they barely stay in operation for more than five years. That said, Fortress Investment Group has earned its reputation as one of the world’s biggest private equity management firm in the world and passed through all challenges related to the industry. This is evidently because of the group’s progressive innovative efforts that they undertake in all their operations. During the 2007/8 economic depression, Fortress Investment overturned their focus on the most viable option for investing. Their innovation in managing distressed debts was a plus during this time when other companies were holding on to real estate and credit investment, a bad venture in bad times. This made huge returns for the company and won huge profits.

Major Milestones for FIG

After Fortress issued the public IPO, there were many other funds that followed suit. Fortress Investment Group was on the way to set up a global existence by working closely with a leading investment bank in the world, Softbank. This meant that Fortress Investment would be in a position of selling their portion of shares to a Japanese Investor. This move inspired the share value of Fortress Investment as well as curving out the position of the company in the global list of well-managed Finances.

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Outstanding Achievements Of Peter Briger


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Previously a Goldman Sachs member and partner for the famous well known company, Mr. Peter Briger became a part of the work team at Force in 2002 year. He oversaw the Credit and Real Estate division. With being on the Forbes list, he as made it into the top 400.
During his time at Goldman and Sachs, he specialized in Asian specific vehicle debt and international property. Peter Briger is also a current member on the board of the Princeton University Investment Company. Meanwhile during his time there, he has also provided substantial financial support for the Central Park Conservancy.

Mr. Peter Briger also is involved in non-profit organizations. This would include the organization known as Tipping Point. They are a San Francisco based no profit organization. They specialize in helping low income families and children attending schools in the area with significant financial hardship. They are affiliated with Caliber schools, which he is also a board member of. With all this he has invested $600 million for relief and causes.

Mr. Peter Briger obtained a master’s in business administration from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.He undergrad was spent attending Princeton University.

Being the Co-CEO for Fortress,which manages assets in extra mounts of $65 billion. He managed to gain the company the title of being the first of its kind to become a public alternate investment company. The company’s involvement includes managing and aiding investors who are private and institutional. He not only helps the company with debt issues, but aids foreign markets as well.

With the Fortress Credit opportunists fund, he raised over $4.7 billion in their first quarter of that very year. Today the internal rates of return are even still 25.2%, 17.8%, and 12.7%.
Briger’s big bucks comes in for helping with distressed assets within the financial development.
Based on economic failure, Briger would frequently buy mainstream fallen assets when the opportunity presented itself.

In recent years, with the development of digital coin and block chain technologies, Fortress has taken a liking to making Bitcoin a part of their financial assets and gain for the long haul. They focus on the fact that their is a severe lack of American involvement and exchange involving bitcoin. Briger and Fortress believe they can be the new era for that path to new de-centralized banking technologies.

Ultimately, Peter Briger has made it in this industry 100%.

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Agora Financial Works Hard for You


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If you are looking for ways to grow your portfolio and want information on how you should invest, you should consider looking intoAgora Financial. In fact, maybe you are already aware of the benefits that choosing Agora Financial can offer and you are just looking for information on how to take the next step. With the right planning and guidance, you can make sure that your money is properly managed and that your goals are reached. Agora Financial offers publications of high quality and well-trained analysts that can help you live the life that you and your family deserve. Around the world, people turn to Agora for the financial needs.

Agora Financial was established years ago and they strive to show their clients that with the right guidance, building their portfolios is easier than they may think. Clients of Agora highly recommend the company and they have a great reputation. As a publishing company, they provide reliable information and guides that can help you plan your financial success. Once a client, you will have access to an entire library of research and resources for financial planning. The goal since inception has been to make sure that the general public has the resources and the information that they may need in order to keep their money protected by making the right decisions when investing.

If you are looking for the right ways to secure your financial future and manage your money in the best way possible, look no further than Agora Financial. They are committed to making sure their experts have the best education possible when it comes to finances to provide the best services to their clients. Agora Financial is a well-versed company that has years of experience behind them and will work hard to do the most with your money.


Fortress Investment Group Profits From Sale Of Revolution Studios


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Fortress Investment Group is a global investment firm with a diversified alternative asset portfolio produces a large profit from the sale of Revolution Studios and a lucrative return on investment on the entertainment company. Revolution Studios was purchased in 2014 when Fortress Investment Group agreed to buy the Revolution Studios that ran 20th Century Fox and Walt Disney Studios for $250 million. Revolution Studios has an extensive catalog that includes movies such as “Black Hawk Down” the action film “XXX”, “Gigli” and “Zoom” and various other television shows including Morgan Creek International libraries, “Anger Management” and Cold Spring Pictures libraries.

Fortress Investment Group sold to the LA base entertainment investment company Content Partners for an estimated $400 million. With the sale of the entertainment company, Fortress Investment Group has established a significant return on investment within this alternative asset and provided his clients with a lucrative windfall. Revolution Studios was promoting “XXX Return of Xander Cage” when the sale took place and the movie will be in theaters at the end of January 2016. Fortress Investment Group has established a reputation for providing its international clients with exceptional opportunities to grow their portfolios within the alternative asset categories. They typically invest in real estate, private equity, credit, and various other underperforming investment assets.

Revolution Studios was a prime candidate for investment due to the lack of investment capital within the organization created an opportunity in 2012 for Fortress Investment Group to step in and provide the funding needed to expand the catalog and increase the investment in new projects. In fact, Fortress Investment Group purchased the company and began to reinvest capital into the acquisition and expansion of the catalogs and also for the creation of new films that potentially could reap tremendous returns at the box office.

Fortress Investment Group specializes in alternative asset investments that produce long-term returns on investment and profitable gains on their extensive portfolios to create stable returns for their over 1750 institutional and individual clients. Fortress Investment Group has a strong executive team led by Wes Edens and Peter Briger Co-Founders and Co-Chief Executive Officers of the company. They provide creative innovative analysis and evaluation of potential opportunities within the alternative asset class that potentially will facilitate lucrative returns on investments at Fortress Investment Group. Fortress has a streamlined approach to investing that has generated a track record finding, evaluating, and capitalizing on underperforming distressed and illiquid credit instruments that can be stabilized and sold for sizable profits or long-term income streams for the firm.

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and quickly became one of the most well-respected alternative asset investment firms in the world by creating opportunities to leverage underperforming assets to create sizable returns on investment. As of September 30th, 2016, Fortress Investment Group had 70.1 billion dollars in assets under management that provided substantial capital to invest in opportunities on a global scale that represent the right strategic opportunity to produce lucrative profits. Fortress Investment Group is a global investment firm that specializes in alternative assets and has produced a large profit from the sale of Revolution Studios that provides a significant return on investment for its clients.

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The Oxford Club Diligently Researches Investment Opportunities


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The Oxford Club has become one of the foremost private networks of investors seeking to grow their wealth with market-beating returns as the norm. The exhaustive and high-quality research that drives the organization has become their calling card as a team of professionals produce investment products such as newsletters and trading services which can boost any portfolio.

The founding of The Oxford Club can be traced back to 1989 when a small group of investors with an entrepreneurial flair banded together to outwit average returns. A core component of their system was the notion that the best market opportunities were discovered by personal contacts and diligent research as opposed to the financial media. One reason for this was the long in the tooth nature of stories that hit the press and television. More often than not, any equity or other investment vehicles had already risen substantially making it a dubious play at best.

Financial independence can be considered a priceless gift and this is exactly what The Oxford Club strives to do for its members. The power of global markets brings great opportunity for prosperity and can enable members to enjoy a quality of life that goes beyond money. The chance to reorient one’s focus on friends, family, church, and community is truly something special.

Monthly newsletters are written by the experts at The Oxford Club and they are a powerful tool to approach the markets with. These professionals have a wealth of knowledge and expertise among various market segments and can help members overcome average to low performing portfolios. They spotlight market trends and offer trade possibilities as well which enables members to invest with confidence as they consider the level of research behind them.

Trading services are another avenue for those members wishing to hone in on a particular market sector that could be ripe with opportunity. There are 12 different ones available and one example is how to use options successfully for income generation and acquiring stocks at a discount.

The Oxford Club takes investing to new levels with market-beating research and time-tested strategies. Memberships are available in three different categories for all levels of investors.

Dr. Mark McKenna: More Than A Doctor


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Do you live in or near Atlanta, Georgia? Do you live in or near New Orleans, Louisiana? One of the most brilliant-minded individuals on the planet has resided in both of these amazing American cities, and his name is Dr. Mark McKenna. When it comes to doing great things for society, this guy is at the top of the ranks. Dr. Mark McKenna has put his heart and soul into all of his projects. These projects just so happens to be successful businesses. This father of two is a brilliant-thinker in a sense because he does a lot brainstorming to come up with new ideas. When it comes to personifying these ideas, few people can do it better or more efficiently.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor of course, but he’s also a philanthropist, a businessman as well as an entrepreneur. The New Orleans-native had built a solid reputation in the business world and in the medical industry. Shortly after graduating from Tulane University Medical School, he would begin to work with his father in the medical field. As time went on, Dr. Mark McKenna would venture into business as he started a real estate investment firm. This firm was known as McKenna Venture Investments. After acquiring Uptown Title and Universal Mortgage Lending, his reputation was set in stone as a legitimate businessman. McKenna would soon relocate to Atlanta shortly after the devastating Hurricane Katrina. He had lost most of his business contacts, but now was the time to start a new chapter.

ShapeMed was his next venture, and it produced great options in weight-management, in weight-loss and in dietary counseling. This was a highly-trained team of dieticians, nutritionists and physicians. Of course, it was a hit and McKenna would move on to his latest venture by being the Founder/CEO of a medical aesthetic company that used some of the most advanced technologies.

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Madison Street Capital and the Many Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Advisor


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Madison Street Capital has quickly become one of the best financial advisory companies in the United States, and its rising reputation in the last couple of years coupled with the positive feedback that they receive from their clients really illustrate their capability to help you with your financial administration and actually succeed in guaranteeing profit and better handling your income.


The company was founded in 2005, and are definitely one of the youngest corporations in the business. However, Madison Street Capital has the experience of some of the senior experts of the market, with decades of financial advisory under their curriculums.


As a banking business that is centered in advisory, investments and financial administration for the middle market, the Madison Street Capital has tripled their number of clients in the last couple of years, and have more than 1000% of an increase in their customer base compared to the first few years in the business.


They won’t only help you with your personal financial administration, like finding costs that could be cut, options that are cheaper and ways to increase your profit without diminishing returns, they also help you with your business valuation, financial reporting, and handling the economic state of your own firm. They have commercial options for all types of clients and ways to tackle different investment strategies that only an expert from Madison Street Capital could know. They are the big sharks of the financial advisory business.


Apart from that, they have the best M&A strategies and advice for those starting off or are already veterans in their respective businesses.


If you don’t know how to start your own business or skyrocket an idea that looks like is falling apart, hiring a financial advisor with a lot of knowledge about the market is a great way to revitalize your firm. Madison Street Capital focuses on finding opportunities without diminishing returns and allow for clients to choose if they want to take risks or have steady and secure returns on their investments.


Madison Street Capital has offices in Chicago, India, Ghana, and, of course, Oregon, one of the places where they are most famous for their investment advisors.


The company has established roots in the places where they have their headquarters and subsidiaries, and most of the vicinity has accepted Madison Street Capital as their number one choice for financial assistance and an additional firm to take care of some of the nastiest business paperwork (http://madisonstreetcapital.org/about-madison-street-capital.html). You can hire Madison Street Capital to take care of contracts and marketing strategies for matching your clients with your business philosophy. You can also ask for help if you think you will need assistance for an eventual bankruptcy, as well as learn more about taxes, opportunities, and regulations. Everything related to the corporative world can be complemented with Madison Street Capital by your side.


Founder Charles Botchway