David McDonald, the game changer.


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David McDonald was the project manager at OSI industries before becoming its President. He also holds the position chairperson at North America Meat Institute. Additionally, McDonald is an independent member of the board of directors at Marfrig Global Foods S.A from 2008 December. This became effective after MarfrigFrigorificos had acquired the OSI Group operations In Brazil and Europe.

David McDonald is an associate of the OSI Group’s board of directors. He is also a director at OSI International foods (Australia) Pity Limited. David McDonald holds an animal science degree from the Lowa State University.

Being the president of the OSI Group, he has positioned it very well globally with teams from the organization in offices or plants all over the world. The local management teams are very sensitive and very understanding of the local cultures and tastes. This gives the OSI Group a competitive edge against its rivals. With his experience, David McDonald has concentrated in increasing the market share and retention in areas with a high population such as China. He always has a great appetite for the growth of the OSI industries.

David McDonald has good customer relations. He always aims at maximum customer satisfaction. He engages customers and discusses with them the solutions the solutions they trying to provide or the concepts they want to pursue. This customer engagement is valuable to the OSI Group and that is why most customers value OSI Group.

He also embraces the spirit of teamwork. He works closely with all stakeholders for the benefit of the company. He ensures the is a greater force across all department. This provides energy for the organization to grow and become more significant and offer more to the customers.

McDonald has seen the organization expand its scale of operation from time to time. In China, last year alone the OSI Group launched, expanded and announced plans for seven new processing and production facilities around the globe. In September, OSI broke ground on a beef-processing facility in Poland that will replace the existing operation. This could bolster the plant’s staff by 30 percent.

He has ensured there is continued sustainability of the OSI Group by expanding it and controlling its market share. Last year January, the company announced the opening a new contemporary food mill at Shandong Province with a yearly capacity of 600000 metric tons. This made it one of China’s largest feed mills in operation. In last March, a new frozen food processing plant in Madanapalle, India, which will focus on the manufacturing of vegetable products, came online. The organization has experienced vast growth all over the globe, thanks to David McDonald.

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