AXA: The 200 Year Old Financial Company


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Life insurance | Posted on 22-03-2017

This company was founded 200 years ago in 1817 by Claude Bebear in Paris, France. It is now operating in several countries worldwide to provide people with:

  • Life insurance
  • Managing investments
  • Insurance for casualties
  • Insurance for health
  • Insurance for property

Those are the major areas that they deal with in the entire world. They have been operating out of Europe and are now with assets exceeding $880 billion and an equity of $68 billion. In terms of the value of their brand, they have been taking the first place for the past eight years.

When you factor in their value that keeps on rising at 14% last year, you can see why they are taking third place as the most influential and most powerful multinational corporation right behind Barclays and State Street.

AXA has so many branches that work to help fund the women, the small businesses and the things that matter. So, despite the big size of this company, they do deliver.

Vincent Parascandola

He is the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors. He has the following tasks in his post:

  • He recruits new staff so that they get the best people
  • He is in charge of retaining
  • He manages production
  • He is in charge of management development

With over a quarter of a century in the business, Vincent is inarguably the best person to take that post. His career started with the company Prudential where he was an agent and shone when he was awarded National Rookie of the Year.

He came to AXA in 2004 and worked in various positions before joining the higher ranks in the company. He also worked as the manager of the New York Metro branch that had 40 professionals working in its finance sectors.

Vincent is a good speaker, and he has been invited on numerous occasions to talk in conferences that are held by these finance companies. Because he is such an outstanding leader in such a big corporation, he has been awarded several times for his efforts.