Jeff Aronin & Paragon Biosciences


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Medical Awareness | Posted on 08-04-2018

With twenty years of experience, Jeff Aronin is a mastermind in the world of business, healthcare, and technology. He has much success under his belt. But his latest company is one of his greatest accomplishments. Paragon Biosciences is leading the way in the biotechnology industry by bridging the gap between medicine and undiagnosed and untreated diseases.

Today, Jeff Aronin is an outstanding innovator and businessperson. He knew from an early point in his life he wanted to make a career in healthcare. He got his education from Northern Illinois University and DePaul University. In 2000, the businessman became the founder of his company Ovation Pharmaceuticals. Jeff’s company got acquired in 2009 for $900 million. During Ovation’s transition, Jeff stayed on as CEO to lead the company.

Jeff Aronin’s next major move was launching Paragon Biosciences. The Chicago based company is a firm that deals with setting up and developing companies in the biotechnology field who aim to meet the needs of patients who do not receive adequate treatment for their illness. Jeff’s company works tirelessly to identify the patient’s needs, the science of understanding disease and creating solutions to the patient’s health concerns.

Paragon Biosciences has a specific strategy for helping the companies that are involved with them. The three-step strategy begins with identifying and learning about the patient’s disease, understanding the science of the disease and doing the guesswork to create a plan of action to aid the patient with their illness. This strategy leads to the result of what once was an untreated illness is now an illness that is properly diagnosed and effectively treated (

Within the portfolio of Paragon Biosciences there are four companies doing amazing work in the medical field. Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, Harmony Biosciences, Decade and Precision BP are the four companies Paragon Biosciences is working with to address the demand of people who have unmet medical needs.

Jeff Aronin and his company Paragon Biosciences are working extensively to bring medical awareness and treatment to those in need. Through his company, Jeff is improving the lives and communities of people everywhere.