Ara Chackerian Hopes To Bring The Issue Of Suicide In The U.S.A. Out Of The Shadows And Into The Light


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Mental Health | Posted on 13-09-2018

Ara Chackerian has been working to bring the issue of suicide to the forefront of the minds of Americans because the problem continues to grow. One hundred people commit suicide every day, and, still, people continue to gloss over the issue because it is uncomfortable to talk about. Every year, more than 45,000 people in the United States commit suicide, and while there are large organizations who have dedicated themselves to lowering this amount, it continues. Chackerian is surprised because people stand up to fight against gun violence and heart disease, but they continue to place suicide on the backburner. He hopes that the stigma related to the issue will end soon because the only way to solve a problem is to recognize there is one, in the first place.


Ara Chackerian is an angel investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who has been working with health companies for many years. He serves ASC Capital Holdings as its managing partner and works with TMS Health Solutions as a board member and its cofounder. Before working with these two companies, Chackerian mainly focused on investing. His investments were mostly in the services and health-tech sectors, and he spent over 20 years building companies in the health care industry. Ara Chackerian is also passionate about saving the environment of the planet Earth and has invested in a sustainable reforestation Teak plantation in Nicaragua named Limonapa. Check out



Ara Chackerian spoke about where the idea for TMS Health Solutions came from in a recent interview. He revealed that a longtime business partner and himself had decided to take a deeper look at the outpatient psychiatry sector and that their research led them to transcranial magnetic stimulation. After discovering more about the treatment, they realized they had a winner on their hands and made the move to startup a company that would use the treatment. TMS has been very effective with treating people who suffer from major depressive disorder and those who have treatment resistant depression. It has taken all of Chackerian’s skills to get the word out to the public, and he has been able to help many people since the founding of TMS Health Solutions. You can visit their Twitter page.



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