Desiree Perez Has More Than What It Takes To Survive In The Music Entertainment Industry


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The music and entertainment industry is a prime example of a dog eat dog world. One of the most important aspects of success is how aggressive and passionate one is going to be in order to make it through to the top level of success. While some people believe that all one needs is the connections in order to make it, promoters like Desiree Perez has shown that one has to be very tough in the music industry. She is able to pull it off because she has been through a lot of trials that have helped her realize that music industry opposition is nothing.


One thing that people have to look out for in the music industry are wannabes and studio creations. Often times, there are people that have so much to prove. While there is nothing wrong with that in and of itself, it does result in some aggression that is fueled by insecurities. While a lot of the proven stars are above that, they may have to fight through some of that in order to remain relevant in the constantly changing music industry. Desiree Perez is one of the people that have actually been in the belly of the beast and conquered it.


One thing that Desiree Perez has is a really thick skin and a sort of aggression that is necessary to make all of the needed events happen. For one thing, she is not easily intimidated. She is self assured and actualized in her life. She is someone that others can admire not just for the thick skin she carries with her, but the ability to get her artists connected with the people they need. She is also able to bring the best out of her artists so that they will be able to handle the music industry as well.

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Sergio Cortes Worked Hard To Honor Michael Jackson


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It seems that everyone holds a great deal of love and respect for Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes no less so than anyone else. If anything, this man has a greater love for the singer than anyone else. He has been able to put his love toward the singer into the career that he wanted to have, and now he has become a great Michael Jackson impersonator. He has the look of Michael Jackson, as well as all of the crazy moves of the man, and people have begun to call Sergio Cortes the best Michael Jackson impersonator. They can’t believe all of the work that he has put into impersonating the man, and they think that he deserves some recognition for doing all of that.
Sergio Cortes had a love for the singer since he was just a young boy, and he has allowed that love to drive him to be a great impersonator of the man. He didn’t care how much work or time it took for him to get things down right, he was determined to make it happen no matter what. He wanted to have just the right look, and he wanted to be able to move around just like the man did, so he practiced hard and did all that he could to make that come to be. And now he is the Michael Jackson impersonator that everyone is talking about.
It’s not easy for one to become an impersonator of anyone, but it is especially hard for someone to become an impersonator of someone like Michael Jackson. The singer was an extremely talented and creative man. He is someone who everyone strives to be like, and who very few people have ever been able to match in his talents. So, when Sergio Cortes set out to impersonate the man he knew that it wouldn’t be easy. He knew that he was going to have to put a ton of hard work into making things come to be, but he was okay with that. He was alright with it as long as it meant that he would be able to honor the life that Michael Jackson had led.