Clayton Hutson – A business of music


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Clayton Hutson is a business owner, he provides services for musicians and event organizers. He is an audio engineer, and after honing his skills and working for different companies he decided to establish his own firm. He manages, produces, and designs concerts. Most of his work is done with rock artists such as Kid Rock, Gun’s and Roses, and Pink.

He attended college for theatre design, then worked for a few companies that provided live entertainment solutions. He worked as a sound engineer, and even as a project manager. He also did other jobs that gave him the experience he needed to become confident about becoming an entrepreneur. He decided to make his own company that offers live entertainment solutions. As a businessman, he has had to make many decisions. In an interview, he mentions that you should always put your family first. Which that makes a bold statement in his life ethics. He takes the time to outline his day to accomplish the things that he needs to do. He will double and triple check his work so that his work will always be sure that he is on point.

He likes to keep the artist in mind that he is working with. He said in an interview that not every artist will have a good attitude and might be rough around the edges. But all in all, it is the quality that they bring to the show that counts. Every artist has a different style and he tries to do his best to allow their personal artistry to come through.

As a business owner, he realized that it is the reputation that counts. So with every event, he puts his best work forward. He has even written a book for others to read that will help them with their business endeavors. All in all, Clayton Hutson is a businessman who is willing to share his advice and professionalism.

The Chainsmokers New Style


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The Chainsmokers are back with a new single, “Sick Boy.” After a nine month break, the duo looks to change direction with their new project.

The Chainsmokers have had massive success in the last few years, dominating the top charts. The 2016 collaboration with Halsey on “Closer” held the number one spot for 12 weeks.

The anticipation for their new project is huge, but the band clearly isn’t affected by the hype. Right on time, they deliver a fantastic new song that excites current fans and hooks in new ones.

Choosing to forgo traditional romantic elements, the duo looks to blaze new paths on their next album. Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall tackle the frustration they’ve felt dealing with topics such as social media and fame.

The frustration can be felt on the heavy “Sick Boy.” The track begins with Taggart delivering vocals addressing narcissism and life in America. His lyrics are accompanied by a solo piano, which slowly builds into repeating synths.

The beat drops into a gritty bass that follows throughout the chorus. Taggart repeats lines about narcissism in American culture, pouring out his feelings. The lyrics continue building emotion, and the track finally returns back to the solo piano, finishing right where they started.

The political and social commentary provided on the single is refreshing. Instead of continuing with their success, The Chainsmokers chose to tackle new ideas. Rather than becoming focused on the success of their albums, they simply continue making music they love.

Visually, the music video is striking and emotional. The backdrop is dark, and the scene is flooded with a brooding atmosphere. The fantastic art direction of the video ties the track up perfectly.

The Chainsmokers are looking to shake things up with “Sick Boy.” Extremely different from there previous ventures, they keep it entertaining with perfect execution.

The Chainsmokers: Introducing a New Song


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The Chainsmokers is an American band composed of two musicians – Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. They banded together because they share the same interest, and the duo came into popularity in 2015 after they released a single entitled “Roses.” The popularity of the band rocketed as years passed by, and they managed to garner more fans around the world. After their hit single, the duo continued to compose more songs, eventually hitting the top charts. Recently, The Chainsmokers revealed that they would be introducing another song to the public, entitled “Sick Boy.” The Chainsmokers clarified that this new single would be different from their previous creations, and they are inviting their fans to watch out for its release.

The Chainsmokers has been enjoying fame for years now, and since 2012, the duo has been collaborating to create good music. One of the reasons why The Chainsmokers became so popular is because of the dedication of their fans. Their fans are loyal to them, and they are the ones who would always buy their albums or watch their videos posted on YouTube and share it with everyone around the world. The Chainsmokers stated that they never realized that their songs would soon hit the top charts, and because of the achievements that they are experiencing now, The Chainsmokers have thought that experimenting with their music can be a great thing.

“Sick Boy” is expected to get differing reactions, and The Chainsmokers has already declared that they will be accepting any negative criticisms that would spark from the production of their video. The Chainsmokers have explained that the reason why they created the composition is that they wanted to become unique, and they also want to establish their style. “Sick Boy” was created after they realized that they are not doing anything for the last nine months. The duo has stated that the power of their online following base is undeniably strong, as they are already leaving some of the aspects of marketing for their project to these loyal fans. Because of their strong support for the duo, the fans would do everything just to see them succeed.

Clay Huston : Stage And Sound Experimenter Perfectionist


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Clay Hutson has gained a successful career as a tour manager through innovative use of equipment across his stages. Huston manages stage production among other tails of show production including sound. His success is visible with the brand of names he has worked with throughout his career. Recently, he managed One Republic’s 2017 tour in which they optimized a new automatic stage system. Hutson introduced VER to everyone, an automated rigging system promising to perfect lighting and movement on the stage. VER is an automatically precise remote with the elevation and descend of ceilings and ropes avoiding any minor errors and increasing safety measures. VER also provides a greener option for less overall power usage. VER is able to decrease the number of ropes used across the stage. Every stage movement is now tightened through the effect of using one rope to control the others. As the sound manager for many past noted artists Hutson has also been known to use the DiGiCo mixing systems. In addition to VER Huston uses DiGiCo SD7 a newer mixing console model in concerts featuring Rihanna and U2 among others during his stage managing years. Hutson has been impressed with the speed and grand ease of the SD7 console and in trying to vocalize his vision, the SD7 delivers exact vocal capability. Many names such as David Payne who has worked mixing for Taylor Swift also regards the SD7 unlike any other sound console ever met before. He commends Clay Huston for his choice to put such a machine on stage.Huston has often been clear about wanting to branch out and experiment with different models of sound and stage, choices that larger production companies steer away from. With or without economic means, Huston’s show managing is of a true perfectionist. On his company web site Clay Huston displays all the many branches of work he does for showbiz. He also offers it all for a reasonable cost. Huston has made himself available from the most famous of stages to offering local service. His reputation goes beyong money and more towards executing a note-worthy show. Learn more:


Desiree Perez Has More Than What It Takes To Survive In The Music Entertainment Industry


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The music and entertainment industry is a prime example of a dog eat dog world. One of the most important aspects of success is how aggressive and passionate one is going to be in order to make it through to the top level of success. While some people believe that all one needs is the connections in order to make it, promoters like Desiree Perez has shown that one has to be very tough in the music industry. She is able to pull it off because she has been through a lot of trials that have helped her realize that music industry opposition is nothing.


One thing that people have to look out for in the music industry are wannabes and studio creations. Often times, there are people that have so much to prove. While there is nothing wrong with that in and of itself, it does result in some aggression that is fueled by insecurities. While a lot of the proven stars are above that, they may have to fight through some of that in order to remain relevant in the constantly changing music industry. Desiree Perez is one of the people that have actually been in the belly of the beast and conquered it.


One thing that Desiree Perez has is a really thick skin and a sort of aggression that is necessary to make all of the needed events happen. For one thing, she is not easily intimidated. She is self assured and actualized in her life. She is someone that others can admire not just for the thick skin she carries with her, but the ability to get her artists connected with the people they need. She is also able to bring the best out of her artists so that they will be able to handle the music industry as well.

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Sergio Cortes Worked Hard To Honor Michael Jackson


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It seems that everyone holds a great deal of love and respect for Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes no less so than anyone else. If anything, this man has a greater love for the singer than anyone else. He has been able to put his love toward the singer into the career that he wanted to have, and now he has become a great Michael Jackson impersonator. He has the look of Michael Jackson, as well as all of the crazy moves of the man, and people have begun to call Sergio Cortes the best Michael Jackson impersonator. They can’t believe all of the work that he has put into impersonating the man, and they think that he deserves some recognition for doing all of that.
Sergio Cortes had a love for the singer since he was just a young boy, and he has allowed that love to drive him to be a great impersonator of the man. He didn’t care how much work or time it took for him to get things down right, he was determined to make it happen no matter what. He wanted to have just the right look, and he wanted to be able to move around just like the man did, so he practiced hard and did all that he could to make that come to be. And now he is the Michael Jackson impersonator that everyone is talking about.
It’s not easy for one to become an impersonator of anyone, but it is especially hard for someone to become an impersonator of someone like Michael Jackson. The singer was an extremely talented and creative man. He is someone who everyone strives to be like, and who very few people have ever been able to match in his talents. So, when Sergio Cortes set out to impersonate the man he knew that it wouldn’t be easy. He knew that he was going to have to put a ton of hard work into making things come to be, but he was okay with that. He was alright with it as long as it meant that he would be able to honor the life that Michael Jackson had led.