Getting Published On Wikipedia


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Online Writing | Posted on 02-11-2015

Writing is not easy to do. Writing for websites is sometimes harder than writing for other sources, such as for a school or university, even for websites that offer no compensation for providing content to the website. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that is actually hosted online. Wikipedia is the pioneer of online encyclopedias and is sustained only through donations that are provided by users and visitors of the website.

Editing and revision is an integral part of the writing process. Writing articles for Wikipedia requires this, just like any other piece of writing does. Try to make a new Wikipedia page and edit somebody else’s piece when you start out and reach out to other contributors to see if you can strike a relationship where you are able to edit others’ works, and then they might be willing to proofread yours as well.

Try to appeal to the entire world when you are writing things on Wikipedia. Remember that everybody, no matter their location, is able to access Wikipedia as long as they can get on the internet. Some countries have banned Wikipedia, but almost everybody in the world is able to view Wikipedia.

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Some pages on Wikipedia are made just to talk to people. Some beginning contributors have actually amde the mistake of trying to talk to moderators and other users by creating a new article, but you are able to talk to others on webpages on Wikipedia named talk pages. Talk pages are on the basis of articles, not just free-standing on broad topics.

Never start writing an article that is over a topic that has already been written about on Wikipedia. If there is an article that is already on Wikipedia, what you need to do is try to help contribute to the article that is lacking in information or has a format that is not quite up to the standards that Wikipedia upholds.

Never copy any other works to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is often checked for these types of things, as it is an encyclopedia with lots of editors and moderators. Some people enjoy editing others’ articles, so make sure that your article has the correct form and information in it.