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Perry Mandera attended high school in Chicago and graduated in 1975. As soon as he finished his high school, he joined United States Marine Corps Reserves. After being chosen to work in the motor department, Perry was trained on driving trucks. It was here that he developed an interest in the transportation industry. When he was 23 years, he left the Marine Corps and got his first job with one of the transportation companies. He continued working for many transportation companies until he started his own in 1980. He ran the business for five years then sold it to start the company he is currently involved in. He also had a political interest that saw him serve the 26th ward in Chicago as Republican ward committeeman. He served for a four years term from 1984.

After he left office, Perry started The Custom Companies, Inc. The company is quite popular today and serves a lot of clients ranging from small and large businesses. The headquarters of the company are in in Northlake, Illinois and it boasts more than 300 employees. The Custom Companies’ sales have exceeded $200 billion over the years and it has branches throughout the USA and offers all services in the transportation.

Perry Mandera was able to create a company that offers all the services in the transportation industry under one roof. He is not just an entrepreneur; he also values giving back to the society. He has donated a good amount of money to many charitable organizations. He mostly focuses on helping children who are in need of his help by providing support financially as well as giving them materials like transportation services and clothing. Perry Mandera has also supported organization aiming at eradicating cancer.

Perry Mandera not only focuses on well-established charity organizations, but also goes on to identify groups that may be helped by his charity spirit. He, at one time, asked his employees to identify the needy people for charity. Perry Mandera is proud that was able to ease the stress that comes with the holiday by helping them. Through his company, he was also able to give relief to those affected by the tornado that happened in Washington in 2013. It donated transportation services to the victims and families.