Darius Fisher Saving and Repairing Reputations


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Digital Marketing, Public Relations | Posted on 22-06-2016

Darius Fisher last week won the prestigious PR World Award for the “Business Development Individual of the Year” award. Fisher is president of Status Labs an online reputation management firm. Status Labs specializes in creating and keeping a positive image for a person or a company in this social media world and in the realm of the business marketplace. Read the full article in PR Newswire.

Status Labs maintains offices in Austin, Texas, New York, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The goal of the company is to aid their clients in looking their best on search engines and to further enhance their reputations through the use of Status Lab’s public relations strategy aligned with their digital strategy. Status Labs maintains the reputations of 1500 clients located around the world in 35 different countries. Darius Fisher has been highlighted in the New York Times, U.S. News and World Report, the New York Post, and the Daily Beast among others.

Online reputation management has recently become a hot subject due to the leaking of the names of a dating service catering to husbands and sometimes wives who wanted to engage in a sexual relationship outside the bounds of their marriage. Marriages, careers, and lives were being ruined by this leaked information. Status Labs and Darius Fisher had to attempt to save as much of the reputation of these subscribed individuals as possible. For better or worse, we all live in a social media world where no one is universally loved but in this world, one person’s distortions can play a large part in creating an unfair portrait of that targeted person and can limit possible advances in their career by soiling a once pure reputation.