Qnet; The New Company Conquering the Direct Selling Market


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Qnet | Posted on 26-05-2016

Established in Hong Kong, 1998, Qnet holds membership in the Direct Selling Association of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. As a prominent direct selling company in Asia, the firm provides a range of products through its e-commerce platform to distributors and customers in over 100 countries.

The company is a comparatively new competitor in a tough industry that is dominated by much larger marketing and direct selling rivals. Qnet began with a group of young friends who had an agreeable vision for marketing in order to promote better wellness and healthy living. Qnet, which has become a successful new online marketing firm, offers a varied range of different brands and quality products that focus on improving consumers’ lives throughout the world. The products that they offer are of superior quality and well tested to ensure that they are as per the consumers’ standards. These products range from skincare, wellness products, nutritional products, and watches and jewelries.

When choosing new products to add on to their brand, Qnet adopts a rigorous testing process. Some of the unique features that they look into while evaluating new products are grounded on their high ideals and moral standards. As a company, Qnet dedicates itself to strictly follow a healthy vegetarian philosophy, and all meals that are served during the company’s events are vegetarian. Vegetarianism is also strongly promoted as a means to healthy well-being and a lifestyle choice. The high standard is reflected in all parts of their products and business strategies. The company does not allow any non-vegetarian ingredient in their consumable or edible products. They promote safe testing without harming animals, and no animal is used during their testing.

Involvement in Promoting Healthy Living

Qnet is very determined in spreading awareness on the enormous growing obesity rates, diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle diseases. To curb these diseases, the firm has reduced sugars, harmful chemicals and artificial sweeteners in all their products that are currently sold online.

Qnet’s Philanthropic Stance

Qnet’s philosophy of bettering yourself to better the lives of those around you is a truly refreshing stance. The firm takes social responsibility very seriously and it is always ready to give back to the society. It is highly dedicated to involvement in philanthropic practices globally. The growing young firm actively serves international societies and local communities alike; to come up with vital community programs. Qnet is popularly known for its vigorous support towards Rashid Centers Programs that are aimed at benefiting and advocating for children with special needs.