E-Governe Providing New Ideas and Concepts for Computer Systems


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E-Governe is an experienced and large computer systems company that ensures all government divisions have computer systems that are functional and modern. The company has created computer networks for a number of different purposes, and they have built systems that will help governments function better and provide better services to the public. Someone who is searching for a better way to manage their government division will notice that there is a way to build a better system with this firm.


#1: The System Size


The system must be quite large when it is running a massive government department. Someone who is searching for a proper system to offer better services to the government must ask for a system that is sized for their department. All departments are different, and they may have the system tested against what they must offer to their people.


#2: Interface Options


There are many interface options that may be chosen for the government, and they may learn quite a lot when they set up the system to work for their staff. The staff may be trained to use this system without any problem, and they will find that the service is easier to use than what they had. They will offer services to their people faster, and they may offer an online service that is easy for the people to use.


#3: The Secure Server


Secure servers are used to store data from these systems, and they are housed by the company for the government. All the information that is contained with in is encrypted, and it is used to ensure that the government may access this information at any time. they may access the servers on their end, and they may use the servers to expand their services. Someone who is running a government division may need more server space, and they are free to order that space from the company at any time.


#4: Customer Service


The customer service from this firm is quite important as they will answer all questions that are offered by the customer. The government division may leave the customer service number for their staff to use, and they will call whenever they have problems. It is quite simple for someone to save money when they are managing their government division, and they will find that all issues may be resolved in moments.


#5: Building On Their Systems


E-Governe is pleased to build on top of the systems they create, and they will ensure that all systems are growing properly. They may release new technology that helps the government offer more services to the people, and they will create an app or online portal for the people that they may use at any time.


There are quite a few people who will quite enjoy using the E-Governe system because it makes their lives easier. A government manager will find that they have all the options they need, and they may contact E-Governe when they need assistance with the use of these services.

Clean It All Up with Handy Services


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Are you tired of having to spend all of your free time cleaning up the house? There is just so much for you to do throughout the day and into the weekend that you might just not have the kind of time available to do all of this. And even if you do, do you really want to spend all of this time cleaning and doing chores anyways? After all, you have other things that you will want to do, so why not bring in a service that can take care of all of your house chores for you. This way, you can kick back, relax, maybe have a drink and enjoy life just a little bit more. But how in the world are you able to do this, especially if having someone else clean your home is a spur of the moment kind of thing? With the help of Handy, the mobile phone cleaning booking service that has revolutionize the way people have their homes cleaned.

Chances are, if you have a mobile smart phone, you have heard of the Uber ride share service. This is where people pull out their smart phones, ask for a ride at a certain time and at a specific place, and the service is able to direct a driver to their particular location at the time in question. Handy works in exactly the same way, only with cleaning services. Let’s say you are at home and your wife walks in and she says her parents are coming at the end of the day. What are you going to do? You need to have the house cleaned but you also want to watch the football game. Ugh, life decisions! Well, you no longer need to make that difficult of a decision. You just need to pull out your smart phone and launch Handy, select when you want someone to come to your home to clean and it is all booked, ready to go. This even works with last minute cleanings. Best of all, you don’t need to have cash on hand. You connect a credit card to the account and the individual is instantly paid through this service.

But how do you know if people are safe that are going to be entering into your home. After all, riding with someone in a public location is one thing, but allowing a stranger into you home, that is something completely different. That is why you need to look towards Handy as it screens all of its individuals significantly in many different ways. The service not only performs a criminal background check but it also checks previous jobs, looks for references and does everything someone might want. So, you do not need to worry about who is coming into your home. All you need to know is that your home is going to be perfectly cleaned and you’ll have a great looking house or apartment, no matter what someone is looking for or what kind of services you need cleaned.

Handy Home Cleaning Services Looks to Expand


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Consumer demand for professional house cleaning services has never been stronger in the United States than it is today. Several factors account for this demand. Households have become two-income family units. In the reality of the modern economy, more often than not husbands and wives both need to work in order to pay the family bills.
Secondly, the size of the average American home has grown from approximately 1,700 sq. feet in 1983 to nearly 2,600 sq. feet in 2014. That’s a lot of house to keep clean.
This need for house-cleaning help began to expand in the late 1990s. Advertising was by word of mouth, in Penny-Saver type handouts or in the phone book Yellow Pages. Business flourished.
Then the recession of 2008 hit. People lost jobs, household income fell. One of the first victims of the reduction in discretionary spending was the professional house-cleaning industry.
By 2012, the recession had eased for the most part and the economy was once again on the upswing. But this time around, people in the home-cleaning industry realized there had to be a better way of doing business.
Two men, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, recognized the new demand and launched a cleaning service in 2012 designed to eliminate the industry mistakes of the past and utilize the modern communication technologies available to them. Within two years, Handy Cleaning Services had reached over $1 million in booking per week. This meteoric increase from $3 million is annual sales to over $52 million instilled confidence in the two founders that they’d discovered the right formula for a successful home-cleaning service.
The New York-based company now has over 50 employees directing a national cleaning force of thousands of free-lance operators in 25 U.S. cities, two Canadian cities and most recently in London. More areas of coverage are in the making. There are over 200,000 free-lance worker applications on file and over 5,000 enrolled on their work force.
Handy Cleaning visualizes their company as the Uber of the home-cleaning industry. With the touch of an app on the iPhone, the cleaning customer is connected to the website. Data such as zip code, number of rooms to be cleaned, and start date and time is entered on the keypad. Within seconds the customer receives a price quote. Once approved by the customer, their on-file credit card is charged and the appointment is scheduled.
Just like Uber, Handy Cleaning Service professionals are independent contractors. Of the hundreds of thousands of applicants, only 3% pass the strict screening process of background checks, job references and personal interviews. The hourly wage ranges between $15 and $22, averaging around $18. Handy Cleaners adds a profit surcharge on top of that amount.
Besides the healthy hourly wage, the biggest appeal to the cleaners is the ability to choose and pick the hours that are most convenient for them work. Unlike the Uber model, there is no surge pricing with Handy Cleaning Services. The cleaning rates at Handy are fixed regardless of day or time.