Rocketship Education Is Transforming Lives In San Jose


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Socio-Emotional Skills | Posted on 23-09-2017

Rocketship Education, a non-profit charter schools’ network, has been working with parents, educators, and the community to develop an ecosystem of better public schools. Their focus is to prepare San Jose’s English language learners and children from low income families to proceed to college. In a period of ten years, they have grown to 25 high-performing public charter schools. According to Preston Smith, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Rocketship Education, they are working as a team in San Jose to build a powerful movement, as they learn from each other and tap into the region’s innovative strength. Notably, many students have greatly benefited from the noble programs put forth by the institution.

One of the key values of Rocketship Education is gratitude. The leaders, support staff, and teachers are committed to sharing appreciation, a value that has successfully led to a positive culture. Additionally, every Rocketship school has five core values, four of which are shared in their entire network, including responsibility, persistence, respect, and empathy. Every day, members of the network’s members recite these values in the Rocketeer creed and practice them in their community and at school. Through these values, members are able to co-exist in a community that shares a desire to go beyond the expectations.

The fifth core value of every school at Rocketship United Academy is determined by teachers and parents as the value that best demonstrates the school’s unique vision and character. This value may range from bravery to curiosity to service. To help prepare the students to excel at school and beyond, the core values fit within their mission of equipping them with the essential character skills. Moreover, the instructional programs at the schools include socio-emotional skills that are helpful to the students suffering from depression.

Most importantly, parents of Rocketship Education play an important role in the recruitment of teachers. As part of an innovative method of involving parents in developing the academic foundation of the school, the parents interview prospective teachers. This way, Rocketship Education can achieve its mission of filling the achievement gap. In addition, the institution continuously strive to ensure that all students are inspired and engaged to attain excellence in character, critical thinking, academics, and communication.