Find Out How Gregory Aziz Became Successful Using These Little Known Facts


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Gregory James Aziz is the President, Chairman & CEO of National Steel Car, a company leading the world of railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering in Hamilton, Ontario. With more than a century’s worth of experience of striving towards distinction in engineering, construction, and quality, National Steel Car has gained recognition as North America’s premier railroad freight car company. Ever since 1912 when they were established, National Steel Car has invented and fabricated freight cars that not only fulfill the ever-changing criteria of the industry but also satisfies the needs of their clients in the railroad market.



The foundation of the exceptional corporation is the culture. They’re massively pleased with what they’ve accomplished with their teamwork. National Steel Car is now the most flexible, adaptable, imaginative and principle-driven than they’ve ever been before.


They’re continually transforming themselves. They are determined to raise the standards for the field. They are aware of where they want to concentrate their abilities on with a proficiency unmet within the railroad industry. They’ve got an all-encompassing vision, and they’re committed to their core principles. For that reason, they are reputable and trusted by their clients to build the most excellent class of railcars ahead of all the deadlines. For over a decade they’ve been awarded the yearly TTX SECO honor.


Due in part to the support and loyalty of their consumers, the treasured relations with their merchants and the incredible determination and honesty of their team consisting of over 2,000 who take satisfaction in raising the standard, National Steel Car will continue to be known for their quality of their railcars.


Greg James Aziz and his spouse Irene are supports of the Royal Agricultural Winter Festival, Canada’s most notable rural celebration.


In the late 80s and early 90s, after serving with numerous financial institutions in New York, Greg Aziz went on to secure the acquisition of National Steel Car off Dofasco in 1994. His vision was to change the once excellent Canadian organization into North America’s best railroad freight car company. Highlighting National Steel Car’s sound engineering practices, through significant capital and time investment, the corporation increased its construction abilities from 3,500 vehicles annually at that time of possession to 12,000 cars at the start of 1999. Jobs in that same amount of time improved from about 600 to nearly 3,000. See This Page to learn more.



Robert Deignan and his Journey to founding ATS Digital Services.


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Success is usually hard to come and it sometimes takes people a whole lifetime before they finally become successful. However, this is not the case with Robert Deignan who founded his first business only three years after completing school. Deignan is a highly motivated entrepreneur who has consistently put his best foot forward into entrepreneurship ever since he graduated in 1995 with a B.S in Business Management from Purdue University. Robert was certain that he was destined to be a businessman and he promptly invested his time to understand what it entailed to build a successful business.

Technology background

Deignan always showed passion for technology and hence his first venture, Fanlink was a digital technology solutions company. Robert was always committed to improving customer service and he believed that combining technology and customer service would be the fitting foundation principle of his company. He would benefit enormously from his founding philosophy as three years later he would become Executive Vice President of a software company called Is3 Inc. Deignan used the opportunity to develop his managerial skills and technological knowledge. iS3 Inc offers solutions to a myriad of technological challenges in areas such as computer optimization, digital security, and customized technical support. This added to his pool of prior knowledge and expertise.

Founding ATS

Robert Deignan would later in August 2011 co-found his well – known and acclaimed company called ATS Digital Services, LLC. He says that ATS was basically a summary of what he was used to doing at is3 and at his first company, Fanlink. ATS is now a top company that can handle and technology related issues ranging from digital data storage, installation needs, home networking and all other technological needs. Deignan serves as the Chief Executive Officer and he has installed a system that is sensitive to customer service and has expert employees. His prior experience has assisted him to create a dream technology company that can handle any technological hitch that may crop up without any limitation.

Robert Deignan has worked tirelessly to gain customer’s confidence that ATS offers the most premium services available. He has installed a culture of offering outstanding customer service, and at ATS customer’s queries are given first priority and handled by the best employee on sight. It is his adherence to quality customer service that has fueled him to steer ATS to certification by AppEsteem becoming the first company to achieve that. AppEsteem only approves companies that have consistently provided premium software support services without compromising quality standards.

More about Robert Deignan

He is a lover for fishing and boats and at his free time, he loves to spend time at the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. Deignan has lived in Florida for an extensive period of time and has participated in several fishing and boating competitions and even won the 79th Silver Sailfish Derby.

Gregory Aziz -The New World Order And National Steel Car


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Gregory James Aziz is the perfect definition of passion beating talent. James Aziz, since the beginning of time, has envisioned a life where everything works in harmony. Unfortunately, life is a tragedy and not many things happen as planned.

Greg Aziz somehow has been able to find success even in the darkest of places and currently owns National Steel Car a company he bought in 1994. National Steel Car is as the legendary Titanic. The institution, created in 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car, has grown to become one of the largest railroad car manufacturers in the world.


Encouraging right? Manu people, however, do not know that there was a time when the corporation was struggling just to survive, hence its sale. Therefore, the world owes Greg James Aziz a big thank you as he has been able to achieve the inconceivable.

National Steel Car, since 1994, has undergone a complete overhaul with Gregory J Aziz transforming the manufacturing segment. James in his tenure as CEO and President has invested heavily in modern machines, hence the boost in production over the years. Today, National Steel Car is a global leader because of all the railroad car units produced annually.

There is no argument whatsoever when we say that an increase in production has realized a boost in profits hence the need for more workers. Aziz, ever since his debut in 1994, has indirectly created more employment opportunities to the surrounding communities and in a way influenced their standard of living.


Greg, like I mentioned earlier, is not your average Joe. Mr. James Aziz has since the beginning of time believed in the customer and that is why he has re-engineered the corporation’s customer care department. James has urged his employees to serve clients to their abilities by offering them with quality products and services, an order they have obediently executed.


Mr. James Aziz, despite his current successes, has not forgotten the people who helped him reach the top. It is for that reason that James has given his team of workers incentives to ensure that they feel motivated even as they execute their individual duties. Find More Information Here.


In truth, National Steel Car is more than lucky to have Gregory James Aziz as the man in charge of its affairs. Aziz might be old but still packs the energy of a mule. Therefore, there still heads a bright future for National Steel Car because Gregory always has something new cooking under his sleeves.

Jason Hope’s Leading Role in Antiaging Campaign


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In today’s world, numerous diseases have caught the attention of people. Such conditions include cancerous ailments that are mostly caused by the lifestyles of individuals. It is common to hear people discuss how to avoid contracting cancer and other life-ending diseases such as HIV/AIDS. These diseases can be prevented to some extent mainly through choosing a healthy lifestyle. However, many people ignore one particular aspect that is inevitable for all individuals irrespective of their sex, race or geographical location. This is the issue of aging. Nobody would like to get wrinkled skin at some point in life, yet it is an accepted phase of life for many individuals.

Aging comes with loads of other problems that accompany it. As people age, diseases become more prevalent with time as the body’s immunity grows weaker than in their younger years. The main issue with these diseases is that they have a huge negative impact on the individual as well as their families. Some of these ailments include cancer, osteoporosis, and arthritis. These diseases will reduce the productivity of an individual and consume a sizeable chunk of their earnings in search of treatment. However, the underlying issue is with the medical practitioners. Instead of developing means of overcoming the diseases, they give treatment solutions once the aged patient has contracted them.

Mr. Jason Hope is an Arizona based philanthropist and entrepreneur who has decided to take a different approach to curbing these ailments. Jason believes that these diseases can be avoided if aging is slowed down or reversed. Jason Hope is committed to seeing people lead more productive lives by giving them a longer span of living healthily. He is committed to realizing this that he gives out his funds to various organizations in the world that are committed to preventing aging.

Jason Hope has been continually supporting healthcare organizations to overcome aging for numerous years. One of the charity organizations that he has worked with for many years is called SENS Foundation. In 2010, Mr. Jason Hope donated $500,000 to this organization. SENS Foundation aims to give the people access to modern technology that will reduce aging and also reduce chances of contracting the associated ailments.

The SENS Foundation was created with the aim of preventing diseases and ultimately improve human life through the use of biotechnology. This institution was created in 2009. It has heavily invested in curbing aging as well as altering what people believe about it. This firm has helped numerous individuals restore their bodies back to their younger looks through their extensive treatment programs.

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The Effort of Jason Hope in Fighting Aging


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Jason Hope is one of the respected people who has contributed significantly on the matter of research for the aging. The main contribution that attracted the attention of many is his donation of $ 500,000 that was aimed at boosting the efforts of the SENS Research Foundation in the year 2010. The amount was then channeled to erect a laboratory named Cambridge SENS Laboratory. Furthermore, the money was used by the organization to create another avenue in the arena of research. The factor that made Jason Hope contributed the amount to the SENS Research Foundation was the dedication that the organization was putting in the circle of innovation to fight the matters that add aging in the community. The organization had focused efforts on marking the first cures particularly for the degenerating diseases that kill the body cells and cause aging among the people. The main parts of the body that Jason Hope mention to be the target of the disease are the lungs and the mind. The attack on the part makes the premature failure of the body.

Through the efforts of the Jason Hope, SENS Research Foundation had come up with a program termed as AGE-breaker. The foundation has laid down all the procedures that enable its support to come up with the drugs that assist in the crackdown of the aging in the human body. According to their research, the factor that contributes to the aging is the built up of the metabolic wastes in the human body that creates harm and causes the process of degeneration of the cells in the body tissues. For instance, as one gets older, the blood vessels losses elasticity as well as the skin. The central reason why Jason Hope has put much of his capital in the research of the aging is to create a permanent solution that will help maintain the body cells. Many age-related diseases have been pointed out by Jason Hope. These include arthritis and Alzheimer’s. The reason why they are termed as aged related is that people develop them after the body cells start to degenerate. Jason Hope aimed is to boost the efforts of research as he has noted there is little research carries out in the field to curb the matters that contribute to early aging among people in the society. Jason Hope has made an enormous stride to fight the age-related factors.

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NGP VAN Brings Cutting Edge Technology to Political Canvassing Operations


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Canvassing is a critical component of any political campaign. Canvassing’s purpose is to acquaint the voting community with persons running for political office, and it involves going door-to-door to get the message out or making cold calls to those on the voter rolls. Years ago, according to Haley Thompson in her April 16, 2018, article in Chronicle of the Week, there were many voters in the voting middle identified as voters who, depending on the candidate, would switch their votes to one or the other political party. There was little allegiance to a particular party. That is no longer the case according to Thompson who indicated only 39% of voters are in the political middle.

The current political climate is so deeply partisan that the chance of swaying a voter with an entrenched ideology is about 1:800 according to a 2017 study by two UC Berkeley professors. In the study, the two professors contacted candidates two months prior to an election, and only one out of 800 participants switched from one candidate to another, a stat provided by Thompson in her recent article. The article also detailed that the combined dollars spent by candidates running for federal office during the 2016 campaign were $6.4 billion.

With the rising costs associated with running a political campaign, politicians need to run “smarter” campaigns. A company answering that clarion call is NGP VAN, a company that develops digitized applications to maximize canvassing operations. NGP VAN prides itself on providing digital “campaign and organizing tools for candidates.” Instead of trying to sway the opinions of the ideological voter, the focus of any political campaign should be getting voters to the polls, and NGP VAN has developed “digital tools” to alleviate some of the cost and stress associated with political canvassing.

MiniVAN, developed by NGP VAN, is an app that can run on iOS or Android devices that helps campaigns in two ways. All the information the canvasser needs including routes, talking points, and voter contact information is accessible through the app. Additionally, the NGP VAN MiniVAN app has a feature called Distributed Canvassing that effortlessly creates lists and maps for canvassers.

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Using Technology to Improve the Correction Centers


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Technological advancement has made life easy. It has increased accessibility and has reduced the world into a global village. Securus Technologies is using technology to improve the lives of the people in correction centers. This enables the development of the correction centers and the needs of the individuals who are incriminated. The people in prison are able to enjoy technology through the new communication channels that have been put in place. Securus Technology enables inmates and their loved ones to communicate easily and always keep in touch. People are now in a position to have good relationships even if they are apart. Visit for more info.

Securus Technologies also provides basic needs for the people in correction centers. They provide incriminated individuals with downloadable songs. This is another device of technology. It enables them to have diverse entertainment features. People in prison cells are able to have a better life through such facilities. They can put their energy on the right things. Individuals in prison are also able to follow up with the court proceedings. This enables them to be in position to accurately observe a hearing. This is because the storage of documents is done online. The security of the prisons is also improved. The people are able to enjoy ample security because it is technologized.

Rick Smith is the leader of Securus Technologies. He has managed to win a contract in more than 3000 correction centers. Rick has developed the body. He has managed to develop the professional relations with various stakeholders. Securus Technologies has employed many people. It is a source of livelihood for many people. It positively influences the society. The company has managed to acquire patents of its products. This has made it an industry leader in technological advancement.

People should learn to exploit all opportunities. They should exploit all industries including those that are perceived to be for the less fortunate in society. This will enable them to launch a product in the market easily. People should expose the advancement in the society to benefit all people. This will facilitate inclusive development. The individuals who are segregated will enjoy the benefits of progress in the society. Business people should observe professionalism because it will make their products competitive. It will enable them to influence the economy in the long run.

Business people should also provide products that improve the society. These products will improve the lives of other individuals. The market will consequently embrace the products. Business people should learn from Rick Smith’s leadership style by taking advantage of professional relationships. This will advance their market reach and make them grow holistically. It will also enable their businesses to grow and develop to a level of achieving its goals. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Wessex Quality Journals


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The Wessex Institute of Technology is a higher learning institute that is located in the New Forest National Park in England. However, those that are familiar with the institution simply refer to it as Wessex. Wessex attracts an international crowd to their campus to participate in an exchange of knowledge concerning various scientific research findings and much more. Certainly, this reputation continues to grow strong in scientific research centers. In addition, The Wessex Institute of Technology is heavily involved with publishing high quality journals that are an important part of the exchange of information in academic, industrial, and scientific circles across the globe.

WIT Publishing

The WIT Press at Wessex Institute of Technology publishes the well received journals on a regular basis. Wessex invites people to subscribe to the journals and receive timely news about various industries. The International journals are available in two formats. Those formats include digital and print. Wessex Institute of Technology would like everyone interested in the journals to subscribe. All those that subscribe to the journals of their choice, are provided with access to a digital copy and print copy of their selected journal. However, it is important to note that all journals are available for download, without a subscription.