Krishen Iyer Helps Dental And Health Insurance Companies Attract The Patients They Need To Stay In Business


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Krishen Iyer is the founder of Managed Benefits Services, and he has been serving the insurance marketing and consulting sector for many years. He works with clients in the dental insurance and health insurance industries who need an online marketer and developer who can help them to get the leads they need to keep their businesses going. Iyer is known for his ability to be able to take care of the smallest of details while keeping his eye on the big picture. He has created more than one company during his career and is now focusing mainly on Managed Benefits Services.


In 2004, Krishen Iyer received his bachelor’s degree in public administration while attending San Diego University. After this, he got to work in the insurance sector and created IHS Insurance. He served as the company’s chief executive officer for years but decided to move on from the company when he realized that he wanted to do more. He went on to found Name My Premium and watched it grow until it earned its way into the Inc 5000 list.


Krishen Iyer stays productive by becoming involved in the technical development of his client’s businesses, and he stays on top of their needs by interfacing with them as often as possible. As an online marketer, he spends a lot of his time attracting new patients for his clients and always works to give them exactly what they want. Iyer believes that ideas come to life when people communicate. He usually looks to get as many different viewpoints as possible before taking an idea live. Krishen Iyer is happy that marketing analytics have become more detailed, which means he can dig into them in order to discover how to attract patients for the people who pay him to do just that.


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A Closer Look into the Life of Trabuco Bradesco


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     Trabuco Bradesco has been serving Bradesco as the Chief Executive Officer. He was appointed to the position in March 2009. He has also served as the bank’s executive vice president from March 1999. He was also in-charge of a department. The banker has also worked in many other organizations. He is a graduate of the University of Sao Paulo. During an interview, he disclosed that there would be changes in the corporate structure where the next president of the bank will not be part of the executive board.

He was shedding some light on the proposed changes in the bank’s board of directors. The firm has a tradition of internal recruitment for the executive posts. The bank has seven vice presidents who are mandated with different tasks. The next president is expected to be appointed from among them. One of the most recent leadership changes includes the resignation of the organization’s chairman, Mr. Brandao.

The chairman has worked for Bradesco for several decades. Trabuco Bradesco is expected to take his position. Until the next president is appointed, he will be holding two positions. According to the firm’s traditions, an individual can only serve in one executive position at a time. The practice is common in other financial institutions in Brazil as it promotes corporate government. According to the law, Brazilian banks are required to forward the name of the next president within 30 days. The normal retirement age for the members of the executive has been 65 years. The outgoing chairman of the board of directors extended the term.

According to Trabuco Bradesco, it would avoid making decisions in a rush. The move led to one of the stakeholders to go to court over the extension. Bradesco acquired HSBC in 2015. The decision was in line with the goal of the bank to expand its operations. There are many changes in the banking sector. According to Trabuco Bradesco, the next president will have an uphill task to improve the literacy levels among the customers on new technology. The organization estimates that about 50% of the bank’s customers transact digitally.

PSI-Pay Services Superior Currency Exchange


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Who Is The PSI-Pay Services Financial Currency Group


The PSI-Pay Group is a popular alternative banking solution that specializes in currency exchange. They proudly operate in over 173 countries and accept over 43 various currencies. If you’re a business that accepts payments from around the world, they offer a superior currency exchange that gets you the money your business depends on to flourish. Their team of professionals are prepared to sit down with you and prepare a comprehensive financial plan for an alternative banking solution. They have a strong executive team that’s committed to your complete customer service satisfaction.


What To Expect From PSI-Pay


You can expect their team of responsible financial experts to use their innovative technology to keep your records on hand at all times. They make sure you can get the funding your business needs with a comprehensive financial model. There are several things you should consider, when choosing alternative banking. Although, they’ve been established since 2007, they have been able to make a name for themselves in the alternative exchange and currency exchange group. Their stockerholders are proud of their growth and expect to strengthen their international ties while proudly continuing to operate from the United Kingdom.


The Latest PSI-Pay News


PSI has been able to partner with MasterCard to offer their customers a secure credit line for their business. Their card still offers you 0 percent fraud liability at no additional cost to your business for unwanted purchases. They can help your business secure a line of credit without huge collateral deals. Enjoy a new alternate line of credit with the professionals. PSI also offers stock market advice to allow you to avoid a major financial risk while investing. Visit the PSI-Pay website for more details on how alternative banking and how superior currency exchange can help you. They know alternate banking is a new industry and their financial experts are standing by to help.

Fortress Investment Group Benefiting Investors across the World


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Fortress Investment Group is a company that operates as an investment manager. The company raises, invests and manages assets of various kinds such as private equity, range of credit, real estate, and permanent capital investment strategies. The company serves both private investors globally and institutional clients. The company is located in New York but serves clients from all over the world. Recently, Softbank Group Corp announced that it had completed paying $3.3 billion for the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. Softbank and its members own all the outstanding shares of Fortress. The purchase led to certain changes such as each outstanding Class A share was altered into the right to obtain $ 8.8 per share in cash. Fortress’s financial results will be merged and reflected on Softbank’s consolidated financial statements. Fortress shareholders approved the acquisition and change of leadership, and they will work with Softbank to make the company an excellent investment manager.

Moreover, Fortress Investment Group is always dedicated to helping organizations when planning for events. For example, they were involved in many ways in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games which was held in Vancouver, Canada. They were engaged in building the Athlete’s village in downtown Vancouver, and they controlled the main skiing site at the Olympic Games, Whistler Blackcomb. The Olympics was a $1 billion project and Fortress was a major creditor. However, the company almost bought the games to a halt after a misunderstanding between them and the Canadian authorities who were supposed to pay them about $ 90 million because Fortress was the owner of a British Columbia Ski resort which the Olympic organizers were supposed to use for Alpine events. Fortunately, they came to an understanding, and the 2010 Winter Olympic Games was a success.

Some of Fortress’s core competencies are their outstanding knowledge of industries to invest in and their portfolios, they have promising operational management, its nature of investing in assets, and its possession of a considerable capital market expertise. These skills have helped the company grow to be a respected investment manager in the world. By 2017, the company had about 1,000 asset management employees both in New York and its associate offices worldwide. These employees are always happy working at Fortress, and they say they are privileged to help investors worldwide manage their assets and to give them the most appropriate advice that works for the market around the globe.

Fortress Investment Group has a broader presence on social media, and it has the best employees who know how to manage their pages. The company has a network where they interact with people across the world and clients can ask questions about the company which will be answered immediately. They also use their social media pages to market their services and knowledge and therefore clients are always updated. Fortress Investment Group prioritizes customers because the company understands how hard it is to find the most reliable asset manager and that is why the company is always providing high-end services to clients with regards to managing their assets. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

Bruno Fagali Tries Giving Attention to Issues with Laws


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     Bruno Fagali knows there are things he can do to help people. He knew the things he would have to do to continue sharing positive experiences with all his clients. If he wanted to make things better for them, he had to take certain steps to come up with new ideas and new programs to help them through positive experiences. Bruno Fagali liked giving people the chances they didn’t have with any other attorney. He also liked showing others they had a chance to do things the right way. For Bruno Fagali, the point of being a lawyer was helping people and showing them how they could get more from everything he did for them. He wanted to keep helping more people and keep giving them all the experiences they needed to be successful in the court. His goals were a big part of the way he did things and the experiences he offered different people.

Thanks to the hard work Bruno Fagali put into things, he knew there were positive things that would come from the industry. He also knew the legal world was different from any other industry. If he could help more people, he could give them experiences nobody else could. Even other attorneys were not as good as Bruno Fagali. He spent a lot of time learning about laws and trying to help other people realize they were doing things the right way. For Bruno Fagali, helping people was his way of giving back and making the community better.

If Bruno Fagali wanted to do more with law, he had to come up with a different plan. While working as an attorney was profitable, it didn’t allow him to have as big of an impact on the community as he wanted. By making sure he did everything right, Bruno Fagali felt good about how he could show other people the right way to do things. Starting his blog gave him an outlet to show even more people they could do things right. It was his way of providing everyone with the experiences they needed to continue their different levels of success.

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Bob Reina: His Passion Is Through The Roof


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It has often been said that if you are going to do something, you have to do it the right way and with passion. Bob Reina has always followed that formula in all avenues of his life. As a matter of fact, he bleeds passion left and right. He is all about the company he founded, Talk Fusion, which is known as the very best in video technology. They have the awards, the customers, and the word of mouth to prove it. They have been around for over 11 years, and it does not look like they will be slowing down anytime in the near future. They are going to keep pushing ahead well into the future with a clear vision: to make the world a better place. Learn more:


Bob Reina has said numerous times he is on the lookout for the next big thing when it comes to Talk Fusion. That is exactly the mindset one needs to have in order to survive and thrive in this business. Too often, people are living in the past and admiring what they have done. That is not the case with Bob Reina. He is looking ahead and staying in constant communication with his team. He wants to know how they feel about everything that is going on with Talk Fusion. He wants to hear their input on how they can improve and what they feel like they are doing well at the moment.


It is that kind of open-door policy that sets Bob Reina apart from the rest. He is not going to act like a hot shot, and he is not going to leave people out at Talk Fusion. He includes every single person that works for the company in the conversation. After all, they were hired for a reason, and they have something to offer to the company. He wants to find out what they are thinking and what they can bring to the table.


He is big on asking questions, getting to the bottom of things, and making every employee feel comfortable. No one is going to feel scared of Bob Reina. He is approachable and kind.

Bruno Fagali Attorney You Can Trust in Brazil


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     The most significant issue with the youth today is that they can be easily influenced. The media and television networks play a significant role in this influence as the young adults tend to follow what their role models in the showbiz world are doing, especially regarding fashion, style, and personality. Many girls are influenced by the physical appearance of the models as seen in the magazines and newspapers and tend to follow a strict diet that can be harmful to their health. As per the reports, the cases of anorexia are increasing across the globe due to such influence.

Bruno Fagali, one of the most reputed and top-most lawyers in Brazil, who is also the founder of Fagali Advocacy, wrote an article about this issue on his blog. He said the court has noticed this as a problem and has ruled that the magazines would have to mention near the photographs that are digitally enhanced that they are retouched. It would help people know that the pictures they are watching in the magazines are not exactly as they look like, but are retouched to give a flawless look. Bruno Fagali said such a ruling has been present in Brazil since 2010.

Any magazines that use images of models that are digitally retouched are bound to mention that the photos have been enhanced digitally legally. It would ensure that the readers don’t get influenced by the flawless looks of the models. Many young girls do unsupervised diets to attain such a figure, which can lead to health complication and in some cases, even deaths have been reported. Bruno Fagali says that it is essential that people know the whole truth behind such images so that they are not influenced negatively by such images. It is also crucial to consult a doctor or a dietician before starting any radical diet regimen.

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     Robert Ivy, the CEO and Vice President of the American Institute of Architects since 2011, is a passionate architect and has been vocal on matters affecting the industry in both social and environmental areas. His appointment as the CEO has helped in shaping and publicizing the role and meaning of architect and design in our day to day lives. He has contributed tremendously in expanding architectural skills beyond traditional building designs to supplemental services thus architects have become creative consultants in a number of industries.

Robert Ivy believes in embracing sustainability and embedding this in architectural designs. With the growing world’s population, there has emerged environmental issues and architectural designs should be sustainable to face and address these environmental challenges. Ivy also believes sustainable designs can help reduce losses of life caused by climatic change factors such as earthquakes and disastrous weather changes by designing safe buildings. He challenges designers to help accomplish goals which are related to mitigating and adapting to climate change by using their unique knowledge and ability to control or manipulate the physical world.

Robert Ivy has strengthened the voice and influence of the AIA on issues shaping the architectural profession. He is noted as a visionary of the future as he and other architects are not only tasked with innovating the aesthetics of a building but look for creative ways to solve existing issues and problems. With the increasing rural to urban migration, he highly insists on designing of effective residential and business areas. In a recent interview he said that people should be aware of the direction that the infrastructure in the city is taking now and in the future. He also pointed out that urbanism will lead to low carbon societies but again people should be concerned on the quality of life in future and architects should focus on providing infrastructure for these growing cities.

He has also asked architects to focus on designing for health stating that there are a number of needs that have to be addressed in ensuring quality public health. According to him the US government has commissioned a major research project on the quantified benefits of more healthy designs as built environments enhance the human well-being.


The experience and Success story of Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Sussex Health Care


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     Shafik Sachedina rose to fame for being the founder and owner of Sussex Health Care. He has an enormous experience, and this acts as the foundation of the success that he encounters over time. His role with the company supplements his other tasks related to his field of profession.

Sussex Health Care refers to a private team of care homes whose base is situated in Sussex. The focus of the firm is fundamentally on taking care of the aged persons inclusive of the mentally sick ones. They could have dementia or even Alzheimers Disease.

There is also the offer of specialist care towards the adults affected by the difficulties either physically or in association with learning. The individuals benefiting from their initiatives include the ones having neurological disabilities. The Health Care also offers outstanding care associated with building facilities to help the ones who need support concerning neurological as well as acquired brain injury.

The firm is dedicated to offering outstanding levels of care as well as support to whoever is in need. Regarding business, its objective to become the best in the provision of residential together with nursing care within Sussex. This is facilitated by the presence of a competent team of professionals who are well skilled in the career.

Additionally, Dr. Sachedina has the responsibility of enhancing the interfacing role in conjunction with the initiatives related to the Aga Khan Development. It is inclusive of other Ismaili societies’ institutions from the Central Asia.

The city of Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania is his birthplace. He was born in 1950. Following his dedication and hard work, it was in the year 1975 that he became a qualified dental surgeon. The acquirement was from the Guy’s Medical and Dental School. This is in conjunction with the University of London. He has been practicing the career in England for a while.

It is remarkable that he has gained a lot of interest concerning the sector of healthcare. His service with the institutions of Jamati and Aga Khan is on a voluntary basis. The objective is to set up an enduring tradition in line with community service.

Apart from serving as a Board Member of the Governing Committee of the Institute, he is a holder of different other positions. Initially, he gave service in the various positions as a volunteer. They consist of two consecutive terms of service in the position of the President at the United Kingdom’s Ismaili Council.

Karl Heideck Explains The Reasoning Behind Soda Taxes


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     As Karl Heideck relates in an article he wrote, the obesity rate in the United States has been skyrocketing. Almost 70% of adults in the U.S. have excess pounds they need to lose and unfortunately that number continues to climb. Furthermore, about 35% of people are classified as obese. This is creating effects that many facets of life, especially straining the healthcare system. Millions of dollars are spent every year in public dollars providing treatment to people whose health problems are directly related to their weight.

Some cities and states in America have begun to address the issue of obesity by creating new taxes and other penalties to encourage people to make healthier choices. In particular pop and junk food are now getting taxed an extra amount in several cities. One of these cities is Philadelphia where the hope is that higher prices on those items will encourage people to instead spend their money on healthier, less expensive food.

Karl Heideck says that Philadelphia took the lead in implementing a soda tax. The tax went into full implementation in 2017 and people in the city now pay a tax of 1.5 cents per ounce of pop. The money raised by the tax is being used to help mitigate the cost of treating people who are obese due to their soda drinking habits.

As an attorney, Karl Heideck has been practicing the law for over 12 years in the Philidelphia area. After earning his law degree at the Templeton University Beasley School of Law he became a litigator and is skilled at all phases of a case including pretrial and posttrial. He has experience with both taking legal action against other people and organizations as well as defending clients when legal action is taken against them.

As a civil litigation attorney, Karl Heideck has specialized in both risk management and compliance issues. When helping out new lawyers, Karl Heideck advises them to make contacts with others in their professional capacity. He says that each connection you make can lead to great things for both parties. He also says to always be respectful to others as well as being helpful.


Please see The Future Of Philly’s Soda Tax Explained By Karl Heideck.