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Securus Technologies is a company located in Dallas, Texas. They have been operating as a company for over a decade and are an interesting company when placed in the perspective of who they serve. Unlike other information technology companies, Securus Technologies supports a rather interesting niche customer base. Instead of relying on the normal American consumer, Securus instead focuses its attention on the American prison inmate and their family members. In the past, they have been responsible for creating such products as an easy to install and use video chat interface so that inmates can freely communicate with their loved ones on the outside. While they have been known to be loyal to their customers And have supported them in any way they can, they still have to remember that they are producing material for prisons and jails, which comes with its own form of challenges.


The main challenge that Securus Technologies faces is the fact that the majority of their customers are inmates who have recently or in the past have broken the law. Electronic devices that can access the internet have the ability to assist criminals in committing further crimes even when they are still in prison. This can be done by forming drug deals with other criminals outside of the prison walls, kidnapping, and even as far as setting up murders. In order to try and combat this, there needs to be a way to stop incoming contraband cellular devices for working. Unfortunately, in the past, the only way to do this was for a corrections officer to physically confiscate the contraband device and dispose of it. Securus Technologies plans on canceling out this old way of doing things by forming with a call the wireless containment system.


The wireless containment system creates an invisible barrier around the jail or prison that is installed into, making it possible for an operator to locate any incoming or outgoing Wireless signals from the compound. Once a signal has been identified the operator that has the ability to either allow it to go through to a destination or stopping at the source. This new in the very capable form of Technology will make it possible for Securus Technologies to stop future crime from taking place within prison walls. The most interesting thing about the wireless containment system is that it has the ability to disable any device caught on it. Once a device is disabled it would require the operator to manually turn the device back on in order for it to work again. This is a wonderful piece of future technology.


Securus Technologies: Crime Prevention At Its Finest


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Solving crime is no easy task. No matter what level of crime fighting that an organization is at, one of the best ways to solve crime is by preventing it. Yes, there’s a method to the madness, but this notion rings absolutely true. Here at Securus Technologies, we provide some of the most comprehensive and innovative safety tools. Crime goes hand-to-hand and in many cases, we have provided some of the best tools for the trade. These tools are used in the corrections field of work as well as used in the “real world.” Public safety is one of our biggest concerns, and we do our very best in thwarting crime on a multitude levels.


Thanks to our valiant efforts, we have been able to cut down on inmate to inmate crime. This is a big win for us, it’s a big win for corrections, and it’s a big win for inmate family members. No matter the issue, whether it’s gambling, selling drugs or violent behavior, we have the capabilities to handle a broad spectrum of negative activities. We receive thousands of letters and emails on a monthly basis. These letters and emails thank us for a job well done. This keeps us motivated in our daily tasks, and it keeps us in the right state of mind to develop newer and better solutions. Issues such as personal threats, suspicious activity, the introduction of contraband into the facilities and illegal cellphone use are all handled accordingly.


Securus is the leader of the pack, especially when it comes to providing criminal and civil justice technologies. Our solutions are well-tested, and they’re consistent in making the incarceration process a much safer place. All in all, Securus is at the pinnacle of the industry, and we’re leading by example.


Securus Technologies – Keeping Crime Rate Low in Prison and Public Communities


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The use of technology is increasing in the field of inmate communications, and rightly so. It helps the inmates get more opportunities to talk to their loved ones, and also assist in alleviating stress from their lives. As per the psychologists, it is one of the crucial factors that would also help the inmates to avoid violence, which also helps in reducing the crime rate inside the prison facility. While there are numerous companies out there serving in the field of inmate communications, one of the firms that have made tremendous progress in the last few years is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has spent over $600 million in patent acquisition as well as research and development in the past few years as per the announcement company made in 2016. The company also won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service, which helped in adding credibility to the company’s market reputation. Over the years, Securus Technologies has tried hard in coming out with products and services that would help the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers. Presently, more than 1.2 million inmates use the wide range of products and services offered by Securus Technologies.


The CEO of Securus Technologies like to keep the business machinery of the company transparent, and it is for this reason the company showcased the excerpts from the letters it received from the law enforcement officers in an online press release. The comments from law enforcement officers talked about how the products and services of Securus Technologies help them work efficiently, catch the offenders, and keep the crime rate law. It also helps in keeping them safe while at work, and also helps them get the evidence essential to convict the culprit in the court. I feel such technology is highly critical in today’s volatile environment to keep criminals in check.


Using Technology to Improve the Correction Centers


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Technological advancement has made life easy. It has increased accessibility and has reduced the world into a global village. Securus Technologies is using technology to improve the lives of the people in correction centers. This enables the development of the correction centers and the needs of the individuals who are incriminated. The people in prison are able to enjoy technology through the new communication channels that have been put in place. Securus Technology enables inmates and their loved ones to communicate easily and always keep in touch. People are now in a position to have good relationships even if they are apart. Visit for more info.

Securus Technologies also provides basic needs for the people in correction centers. They provide incriminated individuals with downloadable songs. This is another device of technology. It enables them to have diverse entertainment features. People in prison cells are able to have a better life through such facilities. They can put their energy on the right things. Individuals in prison are also able to follow up with the court proceedings. This enables them to be in position to accurately observe a hearing. This is because the storage of documents is done online. The security of the prisons is also improved. The people are able to enjoy ample security because it is technologized.

Rick Smith is the leader of Securus Technologies. He has managed to win a contract in more than 3000 correction centers. Rick has developed the body. He has managed to develop the professional relations with various stakeholders. Securus Technologies has employed many people. It is a source of livelihood for many people. It positively influences the society. The company has managed to acquire patents of its products. This has made it an industry leader in technological advancement.

People should learn to exploit all opportunities. They should exploit all industries including those that are perceived to be for the less fortunate in society. This will enable them to launch a product in the market easily. People should expose the advancement in the society to benefit all people. This will facilitate inclusive development. The individuals who are segregated will enjoy the benefits of progress in the society. Business people should observe professionalism because it will make their products competitive. It will enable them to influence the economy in the long run.

Business people should also provide products that improve the society. These products will improve the lives of other individuals. The market will consequently embrace the products. Business people should learn from Rick Smith’s leadership style by taking advantage of professional relationships. This will advance their market reach and make them grow holistically. It will also enable their businesses to grow and develop to a level of achieving its goals. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Securus Technologies Crime Prevention Testmonials Released


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Securus Technologies is one of the nation’s leading correctional facility communication service providers, and is one of the leading developers in data analysis and crime prevention technology. The company uses voice recognition software, behavior and association recognition in their surveillance packages, database integration, network management systems, and predictive analytics and advanced biometric monitoring systems. These tools help ease the burden on prison staff and can access pertinent information for incident response and assist law enforcement with ongoing investigations. The system has also prevented numerous crimes from happening across the country, and several customers even have given testimonials about the crime prevention in letters thanking Securus.


Some of the crimes that were uncovered or prevented included cases of corrupt prison guards aiding inmates in contraband smuggling or escapes. There were also cases of drug operations going on between staff and inmates and even information regarding illicit prescription drug sales by outsiders. Information was even uncovered about a local shooting that a visiting family had information about, detected in a conversation in the background of an inmate-to-inmate call. Those are only a few cases that have been picked up in Securus Technologies’ systems.


Securus Technologies was founded in Dallas, TX back in 1986 and is currently managed by CEO Rick Smith. Securus has partnered with local telecommunications companies to build one of the most elaborate inmate communications systems that services thousands of facilities and millions of inmates across the nation. They have advanced phone billing systems that include prepaid phone cards and even voice mail to keep inmates and families connected. Messaging has become easier through Securus’s instant mail platform, and financial transactions and special purchases can be made through their self-serve kiosks. Visitation is now easier as well through their video visitation platform which allows families to visit using the internet and a webcam.


Securus Technologies And Commercials On Video Visitations


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With Securus Technologies being the leader in the public safety field, there are changes that are happening for the better. They have invented video visitations for the inmates at the correction facilities. There are many of the facilities that want this technology, and Securus Technology is in even more demand that it was before. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


The inmates also want to have a nice holiday. They want to be able to to take to, and see their loved ones during Christmas. The video visitations allow them to do so, and they are much happier. This makes everyone at the facility safer in the long run. It also saves the facility owner money, and the and the inmate’s visitor too. The commercial that are coming out all month long will show the public just how important this is for the facilities and the inmates. Once the public sees how much of a difference the video visitations work positively, they will understand the importance of them, especially at the holiday. and at other times throughout the year.


The company, Securus Technologies is the leader in its field. It is known for what it can do all over the country and the world. Since they deal with the government on a regular basis, they are respected by them too. They deal with issues in both the civil and criminal aspects of justice. On a weekly basis, they create even more technology that will be beneficial to the public’s safety. In the future, they will have even more success in what they do. Their workers are dedicated professional, and they will complete the missions that they are sent on. Since this company is known for their fantastic work, they will always be in demand now and in the future.