The History of Wessex


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Wessex Culture is a term used by the modern archeologists for a Middle Bronze Age Culture. Wessex was a kingdom located in the south of the country Great Britain. The kingdom that Wessex was a part of was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom. In the early 10th century, Wessex was unified by Ethelstan. Wessex later became a kingdom of Christianity when Cenwalh, the ruler of Wessex, was baptized.

It was during the 8th century that Wessex was able to retain its independence and that the system of shires was then established. In 871, Wessex invaded Danes. Alfred then was compelled to ask Wessex to leave. It was in 876 when they returned and were forced to withdraw. A portion of the army settled in Mercia, but those remaining mounted an invasion of Wessex in 878. The Danish that invaded Wessex were able to take over most of the kingdom. Danish settlers in England continued to attack Wessex and Mercia.