Traveling Vineyard brings the wine tasting experience home


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Imagine if you could tour some of the greatest vineyards in the world, hopping from winery to winery and tasting every red, white, and sparking wine variety they have to offer. What if you could do all of this without leaving your living room? That’s the idea behind Traveling Vineyard.

Traveling Vineyard hosted their first in home wine tasting in 2001. Ever since then, they’ve been growing fast. Their model of laid-back, in home wine tasting parties makes wine fun, social, and accessible, and gives people the opportunity to try great wines from around the world with a sommelier and without a plane ticket.

The Traveling Vineyard’s website,, is informative and very easy to navigate. People interested in hosting a party can easily submit their information on the site to be paired with a local wine guide and plan their tasting. This also makes it simple for Traveling Vineyard’s wine guides to book tastings, a win-win.

Hosting a Traveling Vineyard party is simple and free for the host.

First, the host visits to find a Traveling Vineyard wine guide. This will be the tour guide to wine tasting.

Next, the host picks a date for the tasting party.

Then, the host works with the wine guide to select the five wines to include in the tasting. This could be selected around a theme such as Cabernet, wines from particular region, or even a particular year. Traveling Vineyard’s social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are a great place for hosts to find inspiration.

The wines provided by Traveling Vineyard are exclusively distributed through the company. Guests at the tasting will have the opportunity to purchase the wines they taste, which usually retail around $15-20 per bottle.

Once the guide, date, and wines are picked out, the host invites his or her guests. Traveling Vineyard recommends around 15 or more guests for each party. A wine tasting is a fun option for a girls night, a birthday party, a couples dinner party, a reunion weekend, or even a get-together with co-workers.

The Traveling Vineyard wine guide provides the wine and glasses for the tasting. The host provides the ambiance. During the tasting, guests will have the opportunity to try each of the 5 wines and learn about the science of pairing food and wine.

Hosts and wine guides can discuss good hors d’oeuvres to serve at the tasting ahead of time. The party can be as formal or casual as the host would like.

On the day of the party, the Traveling Vineyard wine guide will arrive with the the wines to taste and buy, and fun, informative tools to help guests learn more about wine. Cheers!

Where Do You Search For Good Wines With The Antique Wine Company?


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The Antique Wine Company is a great merchant when you are in search of lovely wines to drink. They have a catalog of great wines that they have found for their customers, and you will be able to shop from the catalog with relative ease. However, you can ask the Antique Wine Company to go the extra mile when you are looking for a wine that you were told was one you absolutely must have.

The New Wines

The new wines out there are going to be the wines that you will find because someone says they just tried them. These wines are still in production in many cases, and it is possible that you can get many bottles before they are sold out or too expensive. Over time, these wines are going to rise in price. You will have a collection that has more value, and that value will grow over time so that you have some equity in your wine.

Old Wines

The old wines that you are looking for will be much more expensive, and they will be harder to find. You must remember that it is hard to get just one bottle of these wines, but your buyer at the Antique Wine Company will find you a bottle that you can keep in your house for special occasions. They get you bottles that are in good condition, and they often verify how these wines were cared for before they were sold to you.

When you are searching for wines through the Antique Wine Company, you will be able to get new wines and old wines for your collection.

The Antique Wine Company looks to increase global sales


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Since being founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, The Antique Wine Company has grown into one of the most respected and important fine wines sellers in the World. The company is thought to have more than 10,000 bottles of the finest vintages of wine still in existence in its cellars at any time and regularly sees records broken for its range of fine wines. The addition of a number of new executives towards the end of 2014 was designed to allow more and more sales and services from The Antique Wine Company to be undertaken in new markets, such as Asia.

In October 2014, John-Philippe Guillot was added to the team at The Antique Wine Company in a bid to increase the number of sales and clients the company works with in the emerging Asian market for fine wine collections. Guillot has over ten years of experience in the Asian fine wine market and was added to The Antique Wine Company team in a bid to attract more and more clients from this market in the near future. The market for fine wines in Asia is growing as the economy on the continent continues to grow and lead the World in the rise of many nations on the continent.

The inclusion of the Asian market as an expanding area for The Antique Wine Company has been completed in a bid to add to the more than 20,000 clients the company has in over 70 countries around the World. The Antique Wine Company has grown at an extraordinary rate over recent years as the company has seen its impressive cellar planning service become a major feature of its growth, with Viscount David Linley, cabinet maker to the British Royal Family designing a series of cellar cabinets for clients of the company.