Malini Saba Investor And Philanthropist


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Malini Saba is an investor and philanthropist who is influencing the business and investment communities in many parts of the world. She has become a powerful business woman on an international scale. In fact, she has been mentioned as one of the most powerful businesswomen in the world. If there ever was a life to imitate, I think her’s is certainly one to consider.


In the beginning, Malini faced many obstacles, including other investors who were trying to force her out of the arena. Even though it cost her a lot of time and money Malini Saba fought back and eventually succeeded in her pursuit of acceptance by the investment community.


Malini Saba’s amazing career began in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where she was born to Sri Lankan parents. She was raised in an Australian middle-class household where she resided for her early years. Malini migrated to the United States, with her then husband, when she was nineteen years old with $200.00 in her pocket. Renting an apartment close to Stanford University where her husband had enrolled Malini’s life in the United States began.


Allowed to attend lectures at Stanford because her husband was a student, Malini soon discovered she was interested in investment and business. In order to increase her knowledge and understanding of investment banking, she would attend every gathering she could find where she thought she might meet an investment banker who would share his or her insight into the highly competitive world of investment banking.


Starting her investment career with the few dollars she had managed to save, she began investing in commodities, telecommunications, and real estate. One investment led to another and before long Malini Saba had become one of the most respected and successful investors in the country. Today Malini is the Chairman of the Board of Saban Group of Industries with holdings in the United States, Australia, China, and India. Read the entire article.


Malini Saba has been recognized worldwide for her philanthropy . Honored by former US President Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor for her contributions to low income, at-risk women and children in many parts of the world. Her efforts have led to the availability of health care, legal advice and they are teaching women how to be a part of the public policy that will affect them.


On a more personal level, she visited Sri Lanka shortly after the Tsunami that did so much damage to this small island nation and donated $10 million to the relief effort.



Helane Morrison: The model woman executive


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Hall Capital is a family owned investment company whose current portfolio stands at $24B. Women executives and family is a rare combination in modern times. Most female executives are seen as an antithesis of family, but Helane Morrison embodies a simple but a profound influence on the investment firm. She oozes assurance and composure that is not only rare and inspiring, but also quite formidable in management.

A quick look at the values enshrined in the Hall Capital portfolio gives me the impression that the company borrows substantially from the Helane. She is always flanked with fellow women executives on the board, but the success reflects more than what the eye can see.

Morrison started her academic journey as a journalist by profession, a career that she did not pursue. She quickly found interest and traction in law up until her Juris Doctor graduation from the University of California. Her career highlight moment came when she worked for the 7th circuit court under one of the most social justice conscious people in America Justice Harry Blackman.

The previous roles prepared her for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) appointment as the compliance officer. She was vocal and fruitful in stemming out the tide of unscrupulous businessmen and women who defrauded the public with sheer criminality. She held no prisoners in her quest at the greater San Francisco watchdog.

As an investment management company, Hall Capital operates in an environment that was partly responsible for the 2008 financial crisis. The public continues to be cautious as more and more economic crimes litter the industry. Her presence at the company gives me an impression that one cannot find a better partner to invest your money. She inspires me as a person ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. Given an opportunity, I know Helane will always do the right thing.

Though she manages a team that is essentially women, Morrison argues that it is the role of every man and woman to motivate every other child to strive to be the best. People should not feel inadequate because of their gender or background. Hall Capital under the principal and compliance officer Helane Morrison aims to make that environment conducive for everyone. She wants to break every management stereotype associated with women.

Her success remains unparalleled in the industry, and the company’s growth closely resembles her overall success as a social defender, complaint officer, a female executive, and an investor.