Redefing the Work Space Marc Sparks Style


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Workspace Environments | Posted on 28-03-2017

While researching for a piece I was writing about the change in the modern workplace environment and the resulting changes it has caused within the workforce in terms of desired environments and what the average worker will no longer accept, I came across one name quite often every time a mention of redefined workspace environments came up, Marc Sparks.

At first as with most research, you take notice of the trend and keep digging deeper but the name kept appearing so curiosity got the better of me and I had looked into how one man would become so synonymous with redefining your workplace environment to create the best space for productivity and success.

A quick search in my favorite search engine answered my question.

It appeared that Marc Sparks had long been a proponent of not cutting corners when it comes to choosing the perfect environment to house your business.

According to Good Reads, article after article purported how Marc Sparks had used a recent move to a new location as a jumping point to put that philosophy to work. His company, Timber Creek LP, chose to occupy an open space that is easily described as having more in common with the fantastic work spaces littering Silicon Valley.

The space was able to accommodate several companies in an open floor plan that as Marc Sparks best put it, is necessary as that “a quality, conducive and collaborative work environment is no less than 25% of the overall ingredients necessary to succeed.”

It became immediately obvious as to why Marc Sparks would be synonmous with redifend work spaces created to foster creativity and success, outside of the upstart start-ups of famed Silicon Valley, warehouse spaces across Los Angeles, and of course the work spaces of New York City, not many companies put that much thought into creating an environment that their employs will want to be in day in and day out.

My research into how creating a better work environment for employees leads to not only more productive and successful workers but also increases the potential for the company to attract even more talented individuals in the field caused me to realize why Marc Sparks and men like him would put so much effort into building quality spaces for their companies to exist in, the companies like a person, plant, or any other living entity need a correct space to fully thrive.

That question answered, on to my next.