Jamie Garcia Dias: The Literature Mogul


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Writers | Posted on 10-11-2015

Jamie Garcia Dias is a legendary Brazilian fictional writer, with over 20 publications listed on Crunchbase to his name. He is also the current president of Carioca Literature Academy. He recently won the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize.He has won 5 other major awards.


His Twitter bio says Jamie Garcia Dias was born 45 years ago in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He was born to Arnoldo Dias and Architect Galicia Dulce Dias. He took after his father who was a writer. He also served as his mentor. He grew up reading his materials and materials he supplied. This early influence translated into him writing his 1st novel at the age of 15.He studied at Amarillo school in Rio de Janeiro.Here he read the book, “The Devil to Pay In The Backlands .”It till today serves as one of the defining factors in his career. He joined the University Of Rio De Jairo where he studied literature. He also became a teacher at the Carioca Literature Academy at age 18.


He taught at Carioca for five years till 1997 when he was promoted to the post of the vice president at Carioca Literature Academy of Brazil. He by then had mentored several budding writers and was well known. At age 30; he had already published ten books. He was awarded the silver crane award in 2001 and 2003 was recognized by the Argentinian writer Joshua Gomez.

In 2007, on the 100th anniversary of Carioca Literature Academy existence, My Garcia was named the president. He has since added a journalism department and confirmed Carioca as the home of Brazilian literature. In 2013, he wrote a master class tribute to his father in Chronicles. It was titled Jornal do Brazil. He writes the histories in a weekly Literature magazine in Brazil.

The 45-year-old offers a unique perception of Brazil to the World.Rio is, of course, a world of contrasts.From the glittering skyscrapers in downtown Rio to the Favelas in the hills. He has proven to be the one man with the best eye for detail on what bedevils Brazil. His proven track record in writing epi best sellers has seen him confirmed as one of Brazil’s all-time great writers.

His current journal that started in 2010 has already seen him awarded. A perfect honor to the great maestro.  It’s also seen a lot of growth for his YouTube Channel as well.

Literature remains one of the best ways for a society to express itself. It takes great talent and hard work to achieve the best.Mr. Garcia is the perfect blend. He comes from a family of elites who shaped; He was also schooled in the most premier institutions in Brazil, and he is incredibly Hardworking. His humble reputation too precedes him. At this rate, he is set to reach for the stars. We wish him all the best.