Clay Siegall Leads the Battle Against Cancer


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Clay Siegall is the co-founder and president of Seattle Genetics, a firm that conducts research on how to innovatively and efficiently treat various ailments, chief among them cancer. A scientist by training, Siegall dedicates his time and resources to the fight against problematic diseases and has guided his firm to develop essential drugs such as Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs). Further, the highly accomplished scientist played a critical role in securing FDA’s approval to produce his firms ADCs. Currently, researchers at his company are conducting tests to establish the effectiveness of this new form of treatment for curing various kinds of lymphomas. If the drugs prove effective, it will be a huge relief for millions of patients suffering from the condition.

For cancer patients, Clay Siegall’s efforts offer hope and comfort. His company produces drugs worth well over $100 million annually, a figure that makes Seattle Genetics one of the top drug makers in the country. A significant chunk of these drugs goes towards improving the state of people living with cancer. A percentage of the revenues generated go towards the research for practical therapeutic ways to cure cancer. Siegall is not alone in the anti-cancer initiative. His efforts have received help from other like-minded institutions such as Progenics, Cura Gen, and Meddlemmune. These organizations contribute resources towards quality research and treatment of cancer. Their efforts aim to develop medications and therapies to counter cancer and enhance the lives of 21st-century patients.
The question as to how to effectively combat cancer is an age-old one. The disease costs the US government billions of dollars each year, not to mention the destruction it brings to families and individuals. However, efforts by dedicated individuals like Clay Siegall continue to offer hope in the fight against the devastating disease. Besides being a leading doctor, Clay Siegall is also an accomplished author with over 70 publications in accredited journals.

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