Clayton Hutson On How To Pull Off An Incredible Concert


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Clayton Hutson is on the pulse of the music industry helping musicians make their concerts a showstopping experience. With lots of experience and talent Mr. Hutson also listens to his artist’s concerns and puts the pedal to the metal. Clayton started his own music production company years ago, but it has not always been this way. He worked for several different businesses gaining exposure, knowledge, and experience along the way to get where he is now.


When coming up with an amazing concert idea he puts together his vision with thoughts about lighting, sound, and presentation. Currently, Clayton Hutson is working on Kid Rock’s show so each day of the tour starts off really early at about 6:30 in the morning. He is always the first one to get to the set and prepares diligently. The first order of business it to write a list of tasks to do, do a formal walk through to make sure everything is in place and safe, create storage for the music equipment, and look over the schedule to see how the day will lay out. This also helps his crew members do their job better and more efficiently. As a dedicated and professional business owner Clayton Hutson does not shy away from working long hours to ensure that his clients get the best results possible. He also meticulously focuses on details and religiously checks things multiple times to make sure everything is done correctly.


His business offers a number of services including rigging, live production, and sound engineering for the musicians and event planners he works for. Mr. Hutson possesses a variety of skills that others don’t making him an ideal candidate for hire. Some technological trends and advancements in his line of work has helped his business and really impresses his clients. A show cannot simply be good, it has to be great with awesome lighting, sound, and props. They have created new lights that are not as big, heavy, and bulky that are so much easier to move around. They also are coming up with new video, along with huge screens, that make any concert incredible. You have to go big or go home according to Mr. Hutson.


Clayton Hutson received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Technical Production and Theatre Design from Central Michigan University. He also earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at Central Michigan University.

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