Dan Newlin, A Man of the People


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Florida based attorney at law, Dan Newlin, has been a staple in Florida’s legal world for a number of years. Dan Newlin and his partners have helped recover a record number of dollars for Florida citizens who happen to find themselves in legal trouble. Dan Newlin and his team work directly on prominent personal injury cases as well as cases that involve accident victims. For a number of decades Newlin and Associates have gained a wealth of experience fighting for the right of injured accident victims as well as defending and protecting their families from overwhelming circumstances. Through their work, Newlin and Associates have recovered more than 150 million dollars for clients who have had their lives turned upside down from accidents and injuries. Newlin has a widely known reputation in Florida of not being afraid to go to court when needed to fight for the rights and funds that his clients deserve. Where most attorneys would turn away a potential client at a consultation, Newlin has a history of taking on major cases that other attorneys are too timid to try their hand at. Newlin also has a reputation for listening to his clients concerns as well as the details to their accidents more so than most attorneys. Newlin and Associates know that an accident or injury should not be considered a cash cow by attorneys but is actually a traumatic life changing event that should be handled with care and concern.

Dan Newlin has gone outside of the legal world and has made an impact within his community whenever he can. Children at the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital got a chance to see the humanitarian side of Dan Newlin when he teamed up with a local legend to bring joy to seven children who were battling cancer. Evander Holyfield joined Dan Newlin to participate in the Dan Newlin Miracle Project. Holyfield, Newlin, and all seven children along with their families got to spend time with both legends at Newlin’s office in Orlando for what was, without a doubt, an inspirational encounter. Newlin thought it would be a tremendous inspiration to have someone like Evander Holyfield come and interact with the children. The former undisputed boxer of the world knows what it’s like to be at a low position in their lives and make an unprecedented comeback when others assumed they would be down and out. These seven children needed to know that they could achieve the same feat and that Dan Newlin was there to inspire them through their recovery.

Dan Newlin has gone above and beyond what it means to be an attorney. Without being prompted to, Newlin has taken the concern that he has for his clients and has shared that with his community. Newlin’s reputation has given Attorney a good name and has forever shaped the lives of those in his community.

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