David McDonald: Helping Make OSI Group A Global Food Processing Giant


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David McDonald, president and COO of the global food processing company the OSI Group, has played a major role in the company’s international expansion. Founded as a family meat market serving the Chicago area, the OSI Group has grown to have about 70 food processing facilities in almost two dozen countries in the 30 years since McDonald was hired. Initially, David McDonald was a project manager, but the Iowa State University graduate possessed such valuable skills that he received a series of promotions that resulted in him taking a more and more prominent role in the company’s operations.

Growing up in Iowa, David McDonald lived on a farm and had an interest in agriculture and biology. By the time he left Iowa State University in 1987, he had a bachelor’s degree in animal science and a reputation for being an excellent student who was involved in a wide array of activities on campus. Those activities enabled David McDonald to develop valuable skills which he used to help the OSI Group to succeed. McDonald’s communications skills led to him playing a major role in company’s growth. McDonald was able to work well with government officials, local producers and customers all over the world.

The OSI Group has grown through building new facilities and acquiring others. For over 20 years, David McDonald has helped the company to acquire the land, raw materials, permits and cooperation of local workers and consumers necessary to build 10 food processing facilities in China. He also worked to secure deals to provide poultry, fish, meat, vegetable and dough products to Western fast food companies doing business in the country. David McDonald also played a major role in the purchase of Dutch convenience foods, deli meats and snacks manufacturer Baho Foods. The company gave the OSI Group customers in 18 European countries.

David McDonald also helped the OSI Group to enhance their operations in Europe with the acquisition of UK based maker of pies, fillings, sauces, dressings, dips and condiments, Flagship Europe. To give the company access to even more customers, expand the global market for their products and offer even better service, McDonald worked to acquire and expand facilities in Spain as well as the Philippines for processing chicken, beef and pork products. Through building new facilities, acquisition and innovation, David McDonald has helped the OSI Group become a leader in the global food processing industry.

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