Developer Sam Boraie Reinvents Jersey Real Estate


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Real Estate Projects | Posted on 23-01-2017

Before Omar Boraie, New Brunswick was fading fast. Once a hub of commerce, the city could barely lay claim to its former glory. As many lost American gems before it, crumbling infrastructure, unemployed masses, and hindered hope spoke for countless dejected denizens. Luckily, the developer had a vision for the city. Boraie brought financial backing, as well as spirit, to support New Brunswick, reveals Yahoo. Now, symbols such as the aptly named “Aspire”, “The Beach at South Inlet” and “One Spring Street” have brought New Brunswick to the forefront of elegance through infrastructure.

Sam Boraie takes a streamlined approach to his real estate business; as his company not only develops stunning properties, it handles management and marketing. According to the New York Times, this dedicated approach allows his company to extend its reach into every nuance of its brand. Through this intricate handling of the “pillars” of New Brunswick, Boraie Development instills confidence in its image. Now that New Brunswick ( is known for its trendy towers (which are a stunning contrast to the greasy scene of the city back before 1972), young professionals flock to the city en masse. Night life in the city is burgeoning, and Rutgers students proudly party in classy conditions. For the more mature populous, the New Jersey State Theater is a great venue. From epic Bach performances to Chinese New Year and Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox, the theater offers something for everyone.

Boraie has been in the city throughout the decades, continuing to cater to the trends of development. Along the way, he has brought class A office space to the city. This was a much needed construction to consolidate New Brunswick’s role in business facilitation. He is invested in the spirit of the city as well, as exemplified by his non-profit, Elijah’s Promise. The all-inclusive charity organization has a broad range of projects targeted towards the betterment of New Brunswick. The organization offers everything from soup-kitchens, to social enterprise, and even education and employment. Not every city has a Sam Boraie to look out for it. But in the case of New Brunswick, citizens can rest assured knowing a that their best interests are being looked after. Now, as Boraie Development seeks to rejuvenate Atlantic City, Sam Boraie’s umbrella will soon sweep across the best of New Jersey.


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