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If you’re an attorney, physician or other professional, you probably don’t get the online exposure that you deserve after a long, distinguished career. Few professionals who work in law offices or hospitals see search engines provide impartial information when people search for them; online reviews generally appear in the first few search results. Good or bad, reviews are biased; they rarely contain factual information about you. You may also see your name listed in directories of lawyers or doctors; however, older news articles that highlight career accomplishments are usually pushed back to the second or third page of search engines. 

If you’re considering a career move, wouldn’t you prefer a Wikipedia entry that is fair-minded, listing your professional highlights, each backed up by a reliable source, to appear on the first page of Google, where potential employers or partners would see it? Even if you’re happy where you are, you will want to make a Wikipedia page if you are a notable person in your field to inform and impress potential clients. It’s challenging to write about yourself in the third person without sounding promotional; have Get Your Wiki write the page for you instead. Their Wikipedia writers are experts, which you need if you want your Wikipedia entry highlighted in Google’s knowledge graph when someone searches for your name. 

Get Your Wiki gives you the opportunity to shine online. The Wikipedia pages they create are factual, backed up by links to the data, just like Wikipedia prefers. Now, if someone is searching for you online, they will find details about your education, certifications, employment history and noteworthy career achievements. Get Your Wiki will present you as an authority in your field, without sounding like your Wikipedia entry is an advertisement. If you’ve ever been plagued by undeserved reviews or felt the wrath of a disgruntled blogger with a following, you’ll understand the value of having an expertly written Wikipedia page displayed prominently when someone searches for you online.

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Technically, most companies know what they are signing up for when they chose to go on Wiki but some do not know the full implication. To help see for a technical guide from the point of view of the writer and the company stakeholders. You can now see that the tips on how to get the best from the platform offers opportunities to many but has some pros and cons to consider first.

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