Dog Helps Find Missing Toddler


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Dogs | Posted on 03-03-2016

A Louisiana television station is reporting, through Reddit, that a dog is being credited with finding a toddler who had been reported missing. A three-year-old boy named Eli Alcock was missing last Tuesday night. Suddenly his parents did not know where he was. After realizing he really was missing, they called on the community to help look.

They called police, posted on Facebook, and asked everyone they could think of to help look for the boy. Dan Newlin was also called. Newlin is a pastor and an avid hunter who owns a hunting dog that has a great reputation helping hunt deer and other animals. A keen sense of smell has made the dog famous locally, so they asked Mr. Newlin if the dog could help.

They had never tried this kind of thing before, but they gave it a shot. After a few hours, the dog found Eli, who was safe, walking in the woods but very lost. Downs was proud of the dog, but said God was looking out for them as well as they hunted for the missing child.

They were not sure how Eli became lost. Apparently he wandered off into the woods and just kept going, and was too far out of sight to call for help. His mother said the child couldn’t tell them much about what happened, but she said she would tell him when he was older, how the dog named Honey saved his life.

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