End Citizens United Fight To Protect The Institution of Democracy


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End Citizens United a Political Action Committee (PAC) that was formed to try and minimize the political implications of the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. The controversial decision withdrew the government power to control activities of corporations that may impact election results. It ended Finance laws that had for many years required campaigns to acknowledge their donors. Citizens’ victory meant that corporations were free to contribute to their preferred campaigns as much money as they wished with anonymity.

According to some political players believe that this ruling should be overturned because it is disastrous and threatens Democracy because it represents the interests of the wealthy donors instead of voters’ interests. End Citizens United collects campaign contributions at the grassroots level that is intended to support politicians who oppose Citizens United and advocate for amendment of the current election finance laws. It was able to raise $26 million in the 2016 election and has a target of reaching $35 million in this year’s election cycle. The PAC’s strategy is to endorse and provide financial assistance to candidates who have detached themselves with big money from corporations and then use these candidates when they assume office to pass legislation that will change the campaign finance laws.

End Citizen’s United is also on a mission to unseat politicians who have ties with big money corporations like Rick Scott whom they accuse of using big corporate donations to sponsor his senate campaign. The PAC has filed a complaint about Rick’s conduct to the Federal Election Commission and continue to reveal damaging accusations aimed at reducing Rick’s popularity at the ballot. Rick Scott is among 20 other politicians being targeted by End Citizens United.

The 2018 mid-cycle elections are approximately six months away and End Citizens United is endorsing Democratic candidates that are committed to its efforts. The PAC’s endorsements have been making headlines especially for candidates like Beto O’Rourke, Randy Bryce, Jacky Rosen and Andy Kim. Beto is seeking to unseat Senator Ted Cruz. Randy Bryce and Jacky Rosen are hoping to be elected to the Senate too and have pledged to continue supporting election finance reforms. Andy Kim is a diplomat vying for Congress and is determined to replace Tom MacArthur who is the current congressman for the 3rd District of New Jersey and a notorious beneficiary of big money. Indeed, End Citizens United is a formidable player in the 2018 midterm elections.

End Citizens United’s Social Media: twitter.com/stopbigmoney?lang=en

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