Equities First Holdings Gives A Lot Of Flexibility To Its Clients


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Bank Industry, Banking | Posted on 18-06-2017

Equities First Holdings is having a niche approach towards the concept of securities-based lending. It ensures that the clients enjoy more flexibility and manage their pursuits in a much better way.Another thing that Equities First Holdings is famous for is its 24 hr. response time. This would mean that there would be no time of the client being wasted. The LTV ratio is 75%. They offer around 3-4 % average rate of interest. All this is highly attractive for any client.

After all, finding liquidity is difficult and expensive too. This is why the option is to go to the traditional investment houses. Next option is the banks. These options require an incredibly high amount of red tape to be navigated. Their LTV ratios cannot be so desirable too.This is why getting efficiency, and speed, along with flexibility with regard to capital is not easy to find. This is why Equities First Holdings provides an alternate option for capital that can be used by individual investors and businesses too.

An option here can be in terms of the stock loan. In this, the equities are the loan collateral. This will be typically for a fixed period which is three years. The borrower who has stocks in a company can decide to enter into any transaction with Equities First Holdings if he feels that those stocks will appreciate in value. So there will be no need to liquidate those shares. The borrower has to transfer those shares to Equities First Holdings, as collateral. The loan proceeds will be received by him this way.This stock loan will have features such as security for the borrower. If the stock appreciates during the loan term, the borrower still retains 100% of the market value at maturity. Hence investors get more attractive terms such as low-interest rates as compared to the ones that are offered by other financing companies.

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