Equities First Provides Alternative for Raising Capital


Posted by omeditors | Posted in Banking, Loan | Posted on 24-12-2016

The often biggest hurdle facing new start-ups and business ventures is a lack of actionable assets during the most critical moment of entering the market. The difficulty in securing the necessary capital and funds through strictly traditional methods is rivaled by the risk posed by downturns in business and failure to pay back borrowed assets. Though with very few other options available it would appear new entrepreneurs and those in need of capital have no other means of financing their endeavors.Entering the market and challenging the traditional finance institutions in place Equities First LLC is offering individuals a viable alternative when seeking capital.

Equities First LLC is able to provide financing with no terms for usage while only using publicly traded stocks as collateral. Adding to the advantage of only needing publicly exchanged stocks as collateral Equities First LLC also offers borrowers the benefit of avoiding financial setbacks in light of possible dips in the market.

Benefiting From Stock Based Lending

While the lending market took a large hit during subprime mortgage crisis and downsized the amount of approved loans, firms like Equities First were able to step in and fill the void left by the banks scaling back.This valuable method of securing financing during a historically dificult time to attain capital is extended to a variety of individuals. Loans can be sought for as low as several thousands of dollars to upwards of $8 million allowing Equities First to assist a wider range of clients.

Finding the Best Option for Securing Capital

If you’re exploring available options for securing necessary financing and are interesed in learning more about alternative lending opportunties you can speak to a knowledgable member of the Equities First LLC. The firm is able to assist potential clients from any of their offices located across the globe with locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singappore, Thailand, Australia, and Switzerland.

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