Eric Pulier Serves a Crucial Role on the X-Prize Committee


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Eric Pulier has been on the X-Prize for some time, and he serves a crucial role while looking over all the entries. He is an innovator who brought the world enterprise technology, and he showed how easy it was to improve business communications. He turned a simple idea into something that changed the world, and he wants to see each entrant in the contest do the same. This article explains how Eric is helping inventors of the future consider how the world may be saved with their technology.

#1: What Does Eric Ask Each Entrant?

Eric is quite adamant that every entrant be asked what their real-world application is for anything they submit. He understands that NASA invented things such as the ball point pen, and he wants to see new inventions come from the entries he reviews. The X-Prize is just one thing he does, but it is quite important to him.

#2: How Does He Improve Enterprise Technology?

Eric has done quite a lot of work improving the enterprise technology he created, and he upgrades often to help customers use the technology in new and interesting ways. The government took the first few orders of the technology, and Eric has expanded over the years to serve customers around the world. His enterprise systems are now used so widely no one goes without it.

#3: I Have Used Enterprise Technology At Work

I have used enterprise technology in my work every day, and I have found many ways it helps me get more work done. I am sent information every day without the need of a computer, and it all comes through my phone. I feel much better about getting all my work done, and I need not spend my time waiting for an email to come in or waiting on the phone.

Eric Pulier has done quite a lot of work in the enterprise technology field, and he works on the X-Prize committee to ensure it is doing the finest work possible. He is advancing the cause of many who are in need of a better technology solution.


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