Eric Pulier’s Track Record Is One that Will Impress


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Eric Pulier has made a number of great accomplishments over the years during his career, and he has put a lot of his success to good use getting involved with philanthropic efforts. Born in New Jersey, Eric was young when he developed his interest in technology, getting started with coding and building them by the time he was in high school. Eric was already ready to try out his entrepreneurial ideas, as he started up his first online database company during high school.

That wasn’t all for Eric though, as aimed his sights on building a strong foundation so he could learn all he needed to turn his dreams into a reality. After attending and graduating from both Harvard University and MIT, Eric Pulier got started on his career in Los Angeles, California, where he applied what he learned and started up his first company.

Eric has now successfully managed to found more than 15 different companies over the course of his career, all of which have been successful comparatively. Some of the companies he has founded include People Doing Things, Akana, Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh, and several more. He even managed to sell his latest business for a cool $350 million dollars, showing just how well Eric has perfected his technique for profiting from successful startups. His business endeavors do not end their however, as he has investments in other things as well, including a night club and restaurant located in California.

Eric has taken to lectures and public speaking as well as writing in his spare time today, as a way of sharing his knowledge and giving back to others to help them be more successful and be informed when making business decisions. When he is not busy with philanthropic work, he is working on his next idea for business, which following his impressive track record, is sure to be a success.

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