Fortress Investment Group Benefiting Investors across the World


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Fortress Investment Group is a company that operates as an investment manager. The company raises, invests and manages assets of various kinds such as private equity, range of credit, real estate, and permanent capital investment strategies. The company serves both private investors globally and institutional clients. The company is located in New York but serves clients from all over the world. Recently, Softbank Group Corp announced that it had completed paying $3.3 billion for the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. Softbank and its members own all the outstanding shares of Fortress. The purchase led to certain changes such as each outstanding Class A share was altered into the right to obtain $ 8.8 per share in cash. Fortress’s financial results will be merged and reflected on Softbank’s consolidated financial statements. Fortress shareholders approved the acquisition and change of leadership, and they will work with Softbank to make the company an excellent investment manager.

Moreover, Fortress Investment Group is always dedicated to helping organizations when planning for events. For example, they were involved in many ways in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games which was held in Vancouver, Canada. They were engaged in building the Athlete’s village in downtown Vancouver, and they controlled the main skiing site at the Olympic Games, Whistler Blackcomb. The Olympics was a $1 billion project and Fortress was a major creditor. However, the company almost bought the games to a halt after a misunderstanding between them and the Canadian authorities who were supposed to pay them about $ 90 million because Fortress was the owner of a British Columbia Ski resort which the Olympic organizers were supposed to use for Alpine events. Fortunately, they came to an understanding, and the 2010 Winter Olympic Games was a success.

Some of Fortress’s core competencies are their outstanding knowledge of industries to invest in and their portfolios, they have promising operational management, its nature of investing in assets, and its possession of a considerable capital market expertise. These skills have helped the company grow to be a respected investment manager in the world. By 2017, the company had about 1,000 asset management employees both in New York and its associate offices worldwide. These employees are always happy working at Fortress, and they say they are privileged to help investors worldwide manage their assets and to give them the most appropriate advice that works for the market around the globe.

Fortress Investment Group has a broader presence on social media, and it has the best employees who know how to manage their pages. The company has a network where they interact with people across the world and clients can ask questions about the company which will be answered immediately. They also use their social media pages to market their services and knowledge and therefore clients are always updated. Fortress Investment Group prioritizes customers because the company understands how hard it is to find the most reliable asset manager and that is why the company is always providing high-end services to clients with regards to managing their assets. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

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